Top middle and bottom – Spatial Sense Printable Worksheets for Grade 1

Spatial ability stands for the ability of our brain to understand, reason, and remember the relations among objects. Developing these skills is very important for a person, as most of the time we use these concepts subconsciously in our everyday life.  These worksheets are a great resource to develop the spatial skill of visualizing things differently. And they are also printable, so you can just print them out and solve them comfortably. Solving these worksheets will surely give you a head-start in the long run journey of learning.


What does this worksheet include?

We have provided some worksheets which are enough for a complete and strong grasp on the concept of “Top Middle and Bottom”. All the worksheets provided are printable, which means they can be printed and practiced offline at ease, without any hurry. The worksheets are made in consideration for the kids who get bored easily. So we have made these worksheets more colorful and with lots of pictures. These pictures will also develop a better understanding of colors and shapes in your mind.

You’ll Learn:

Not only these worksheets are fun and easy to do, but are also a great resource to learn the concept of “Top Middle and Bottom”. We have made these worksheets considering all types of students in mind, so there is no one left out.

Instructions to use this worksheet

If you use the provided worksheets with good planning, it will surely prove to be one of the great resources to learn and head towards a great start. We suggest not overloading and trying to solve all the worksheets in one go. As the worksheets are printable, instead what you can do is, print them at your convenience and solve one worksheet a day. Solving one worksheet a day we help you to gradually grow your skills in combining things visually. Solving the worksheets in one go might lead to forgetting all the things you have learned the next day. That won’t prove to be helpful in the long run.

What does spatial sense mean?

Spatial sense is the sense of understanding the position and dimension of objects. It also helps us to understand the relationship between things or objects. Visualizing and manipulating objects, shapes, and colors in your head is also part of your spatial skills. Not only is spatial thinking skills are very important for performing everyday tasks, but new research also shows that it is essential for analytical learning, it also helps in improving your aptitude which is one of the most important skills in our life. Most children and teenagers who are good at performing spatial tasks are also found to be good at mathematical skills. Solving math problems also helps in improving your spatial skills.  This means that practicing spatial skill-involved questions can improve your mathematical skills while solving a lot of math questions will also prove to be helpful in improving your spatial skills.

Top middle and bottom – Spatial Sense Printable Worksheets for Grade 1

Spatial Sense Printable Worksheet: 1

Spatial Sense Printable Worksheet: 2

Spatial Sense Printable Worksheet: 3


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