Write 4 Letter Words Worksheet for Grade 1

Learning the English language is a series of baby steps that lead from alphabets to words to sentences. And a step of this way is complete when your kid achieves absolute perfection in what they are currently learning. After knowing the letters, word formation with correct spellings is the next stage. The given set of worksheets help is designed to help you kid on this crucial step of the journey.


Write 4 Letter Words Worksheet for Grade 1

#Fill in the letters 1

The exercise given in this worksheet is simple – identify the given image correctly and write its name in the space given below. You will notice that some letters are already given and they are supposed to act as suggestive letters, pointing to the word being asked for. To simply name the picture is not enough, this is the developmental age when kids will be learning to connect an object with the word(s) that are directly or indirectly associated with it. This is the stage in life when one learns to connect thoughts and relate new information with old life experiences. For example, with one mention of the word “sky”, a child should be able to associate it with words such as “blue” or “birds” or “cloud”. They should also be able to envision what a sky looks like in one go. These worksheets are a reverse-engineered way of learning those skills.

#Fill in the letters 2

It might be tempting to use alternate words to fill in the gaps, especially since this worksheet has a lot of answers with only one letter filled in. But beware of using synonyms. As great as it is to know some extra words, the focus should be on adhering to the demands of this exercise and following the instructions well. So many times it is seen that students have a tough time making sense of the question paper as the very concept of giving exams is new to them. It leads to confusion and stressful time for them. But that can be avoided by exactly doing the right kind of practice at home. Thus, having a routine and solving questions as per the instructions given are good habits that should be made into a regular part of study time at home, so that not understanding the question or instruction doesn’t end up being a problem in the exam hall.

#Fill in the letters 3


#Fill in the letters 4

#Fill in the letters 5

These exercises seem easy and futile to an adult brain, but while teaching your toddler or spending time with them in general, try to see the world through their lenses. Filling out empty spaces requires the kid to focus on the question being asked and connect the dots between the graphic and the answer. Be supportive of them throughout and try not to belittle them or scold them too harshly if they guess some answers wrong. Do guide them if they ask for your help. But do remember to give them a chance to have a red hot go at it first. If they are not quite getting it, let them at least rule out the wrong answers on their own. Be patient with them throughout the journey and be generous in the support you know them in such formative years of their life.

#Fill in the letters 6


#Fill in the letters 7



Teach them about each individual word and try to make up sentences if not stories out of them. In these worksheets, you will encounter words that your kid has never seen before. The graphics are supposed to help you hold on to your child’s imagination.  Especially if  English isn’t your child’s mother tongue and not in everyday use, some words they come across here can be new to them. Explain their meanings and usage to them to complete an all-around study session.

#Fill in the letters 8

The child might have questions that are unrelated to the exercise itself and reaches beyond the speaking of the word. Don’t get annoyed if they ask questions that are seemingly out of the scope of this worksheet or this lesson. At this age, curiosity is the master of a young mind. Remember,  there is nothing called ‘out of syllabus’ when it comes to education in such formative years.

#Fill in the letters 9

#Fill in the letters 10

Download and print the worksheets for free to unleash a load of fun learning on your little one.

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