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Why It is Adventurous To Climb A Mountain?

  • Climbing a Mountain leads to many known and unknown challenges.
  • A lot of practice is needed before climbing an actual mountain.
  • Change in altitude and change in air is not used to our body which can lead to nausea.
  • One should be well-prepared for these challenges before climbing a mountain.
  • The person afraid of heights after climbing a mountain can easily get rid of that phobia.


  • We should well know some exercises if we are going to climb a mountain.
  • One should practice a lot of jogging and cardio.
  • One should be well prepared before going on the trip.
  • One should have a great pair of shoes or boots which will make climbing easier.
  • One should carry plenty of food and water with them for climbing.
  • A map and a first aid kit is also must to carry.
  • One should be physically and mentally be prepared for such trips.

Responsibilities Of A Leader For Climbing A Mountain:

  • Check your group if they have carried all the essential items with them and are well-prepared to go.
  • Make your group go ahead of you.
  • If someone is not able to climb then patiently try to help them.
  • Try to help the person with the first aid if someone gets injured or is not well.
  • At some interval take time to rest.
  • For that find a proper place to rest.

Crossing A River:

  • In this we have to cross a river form one bank to the other bank.
  • We should avoid bagging clothes while crossing a river.
  • Avoid fighting the current.
  • Take small steps.

Rock Climbing:

  • One should observe the rock carefully and identify the holes before climbing.
  • One should keep the body at an angle of 90 degree while climbing.
  • One should keep his/her back straight while climbing.
  • After climbing we come back through a method called Rapling.
  • It is a method by which we move down by means of a double rope secured above and placed around the body.


  • One should use double layer plastic sheets for the tent and for the ground.
  • The air between the layers will keep you warm in snow.
  • There will be a lot of pulling and tugging to set up a camp due to the wind.
  • Dug a drain to keep away insects, snakes etc..

By doing these steps one completes the whole trip of climbing a mountain.

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