Use the Subject & Predicate Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

We know how much important it is to learn English and be able to speak in today’s world. because of this that is it is important to learn English grammar. And to excel in grammar the best possible way is to practice it as much as you can. Here we are presenting a few worksheets that will help your kids to have a good grip on the subject and predicate.

To learn any subjects its important to get basics clear. These worksheets will help your kids to have a good base from starting. the given worksheet or on-topic subject and predicate. Subject and predicate are important parts of a sentence and it’s very important that while learning English you know how to recognize them.  It will be easy yet very useful practice sheets for your kids to improve themselves.

Use The Subject & Predicate Practice Worksheet

The above-given worksheet is to introduce your kids from subject and predicate. At the top of the worksheet, the main words of subject and predicate are given. to give your kids an idea of how to solve the worksheet we have provided some solved examples. It will help them to know how they have to solve the following questions.

The worksheet is made all colourful so it can catch their eyes. The questions are fill in the blanks type and kids have to fill it with the most appropriate word. The word that is to be filed is given in the help box. To enhance their knowledge you could ask your kids that what is missing in the following sentence a subject or a predicate.

As mentioned above all the worksheets are to be solved in the very same way. Ask your kids to read the sentence and identify what is the sentence missing? And according to that they can pick the right word from the box and complete the sentence with correct answers.

As of now, your kids should be able to solve this worksheet with ease. We have given easy but a good amount of questions so they get acquainted with the topic well. there might be one or two sentences where they get confused so we suggest you guide them. To make these worksheets more fun we suggest you ask you the name of the pictures given in the worksheet. That will help them to increase vocabulary too.

All the above-given worksheets will help your kid to practice and get familiar with subject and predicate. after this they will be easily able to recognize subject and predicate from a sentence. The worksheet is filled with cute little cartoons which will make this more of a fun activity than just studying grammar. We suggest you print these worksheets so you can easily help them revise them and brush up on their concepts.

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