Match Analog & Digital Clocks Time Worksheets for Grade 1

Here you will find free match analog & digital clocks time worksheets to help your child learn to check time in digital and analog clocks at a first-grade level.

Clocks are something that is an integral part of learning. It’s a basic knowledge of telling time as it is important in life. Here we have brought some interesting worksheets that will help your kids with practising their time-telling skills. They help with the overall development of critical and analytical skills.

The unique thing about these worksheets is that it doesn’t make time telling boring. It is filled with activities that will make learning a lot of fun. This activity will optimize their skills and build their confidence for sure. The activity contains different kinds of clocks with will make them acquainted with them. It will help them with accuracy and speed in telling time.

Match Analog & Digital Clocks Time Worksheet

In the given worksheet, Kids have to match the time of the clock to the same time shown in an Analog watch. This will help them to read time from both digitals as well as Analog watches. Do supervise them and after they are done with the activity check if all the times are matched correctly.


Follow the same instruction for these worksheets as given above. The whole worksheet gas ample of questions so it gets handy for kids to solve these exercises fast.

In this given worksheet we have some cute teddy bear clocks and a written form of time. The kids should match the bear clocks with the correct time given in another section. The worksheet is designed to keep your kids hooked to it. Make sure they are solving it correctly. The questions given are easy and will solve in an effortless manner.

After finishing these worksheets your kid will be pro at reading time from any kind of watch. Print these pages for future revision.

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