Walrus Animal Facts for Kids


What is a Walrus?

A walrus is a huge, reddish brown hued animal that resides both on land and in the water in chilled northern region. Walruses have tusks, whiskers, and flippers.

Walruses admires spending time with other walruses, which is why they live in herds which is a set of walruses that can have thousands of allies.

What is special about Walrus Tusks?

Their tusks which are literally have vast teeth, keep developing as lengthy as the walrus breaths, and can get as lengthy as 3 feet. Both males and females carry them and make use of them to harrow into the ice and drag themselves out of the water. They also make use of their tusks to strike holes in the ice so they can take air when they are diving. Male walruses make use of their tusks to battle other males for region.

However, their tusks are not only for punching, hauling and fighting, in order to be the superior of the herd, a walrus has to be one of the largest, most forceful walruses, and also have the prolonged tusks. Tinny walruses whose tusks are not very huge or are smashed have to come after the head, not be the only one.

What do Walruses Eat?

Walruses are carnivores’ animals that means they eat meat. They like to find out tiny snacks like, worms, clams, snails, squid, octopuses, fish, and occasionally seals.

They go out into the water in microscale groups, instead of as one enormous herd, to peer for food so that everybody has a possibility to discover dinner.

Walruses have between 400 and 700 bristles, which can develop up to 12 inches lengthy. They utilize their whiskers by hauling them along the floor of the sea to search food.

They can jump around 300 feet down and stay put underwater for as long as 30 minutes at a single hour while pulling their bristles and searching for meals.

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