Hamster Animal Facts for Kids

Hamsters are rodents belong to the subdivision Cricetinae. There are 25 kinds of hamster. Hamsters have broad smooth fur, tinny tails, miniature ears, tinny legs, broad feet and huge eyes. Hamsters generally reside-in burrows below ground throughout the day, they are unlit. which means they come out at dark to hunt. Hamsters do not have great eye vision; they are short-sighted and also vision deficiency. Hamsters are considerable as pets because they are effortless to breed in constraint, easy to supervise for and interconnect well with people.

They are also utilized as experiment laboratory animals.


What is the most common hamster called?

The Syrian hamster is the generally house-trained pet hamster. These hamsters are occasionally called teddy bear or golden hamsters, and are commonly around 15.24 cm in stretch.

How are hamsters similar to owls?

One interesting fact about hamsters is that they are solitary same as owls which this means they stay all up at night and rest throughout the day.

Untamed hamsters harrow below the ground tunnels that they reside and have their little ones in. These tunnels are preservative storehouse for concealing the food. Also, they keep hamsters chilly in warm season.

What do hamsters eat?

The classic hamster meal incorporates of seeds, nuts, broken corn, and specific types of fruits and vegetables. Hamsters in the woods may hunt other teeny animals like lizards and frogs.

When it turns to food, hamsters could certainly be exclaimed hoarders. In reality, their name means in German is hoarders. The hamster has pockets in its cheeks that they can fill complete of food this is the reason they appear to have tubby cheeked.

Hamsters also like to warren their meal and conceal it for consuming afterwards. Pet possessor might observe bits of food below their hamster’s cage bed and this is very common.

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