How Parents & Teachers Can Help Children Build Study Habits

In this competitive world, where every student is trying to prove his/her caliber, studying effectively has become one of the most crucial topics in a student’s life. Due to massive digitalization, distractions also came in the way of the success of a student’s life as they are no longer able to concentrate and give their best.

To avoid this situation, both parents and teachers should take a few steps to encourage their children or student to utilize their time and energy and study more efficiently. Before searching about the solution, we have to find out about the root cause that resists a child to do study willingly. These are some of the reasons, that a child is facing problems while studying and due to which they are not able to perform well.


Reasons Children May Find Difficulty While Studying:

1. Lack of Energy or Motivation

Sometimes due to difficult syllabus children may find it difficult to generate interest in the subjects and ended up getting demotivated due to their low performance in the classroom. Some students are high achievers and can get bored easily in the classroom or lack motivation just because their way of thinking is a bit different, they think “out of the box”. This will lead them to depression, bad behavior, and frustration. some students who have above-average proficiency are not challenged in the classroom and are at high risk of being underachievers. Some students fall behind as they find difficulties while focusing and completing their homework in an organized manner.

2. Extreme Stress

Increasing stress levels create anxiety and low self-confidence in a child, which will directly affect their ability to concentrate. Many times children face issues while studying and are afraid of being judged by their teachers and classmates, due to which they prefer to skip the concept and didn’t ask their teachers to teach them again. Not getting enough sleep is also one of the main causes of anxiety and depression.

3. Difficulty to Focus and Concentrate

Nowadays, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a very common problem that is the main cause of lack of concentration and boredom in students. Sometimes lack of proper sleep also creates anxiety and affects students both mentally and physically.

4. Facing Some Issues at School

Most of the time children who lack interest while studying face some kind of problem in school. Some of the most common problems are bullying, grudges with teachers or friends, or not being comfortable with the study pattern of the teachers.

5. Extreme Pressure

Overloading of projects, assignments, and homework can distract a child from studying, as they will lose all their energy while completing the task assigned to them and there is no energy left to concentrate on studying.

Now, let’s focus on the things that will help your child to develop better concentration power. Here is the list of some of the precautions that parents and teachers can take:

Some of the Precautions which You Can Take:

1. Try to Find Out What’s Bothering Your Child

You should try to find out about your child’s insecurities, as it will help you to find out about the root cause of their unfocused behavior. Sometimes children find it difficult to explain what’s bothering them you should analyze your child’s behavior and talk to them accordingly. If you show excessive strictness then your children may never be able to tell anything to you shortly.

2. Limit Stress Limit

Try to make sure your children never sacrifice their sleeping schedule for studies, proper 8-10 hours of sleep is necessary to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression in your children. You can help your children by preparing an organized study schedule with limited break times for your children so that it will help them concentrate better in their studies after taking an adequate amount of rest.

3. Focus on Learning Rather Than Performance

Instead of accusing your child of not performing well, you should try to focus on the learning of your child as if they focus more on learning, their performance will automatically improve. Rather than pressurizing your child, try to become their biggest supporter this will help them focus without the burden and improve their study habits.

4. Try Different Study Techniques

You can create interest in your child for studies, by applying different study techniques, as children may find studying with the same boring pattern difficult hence by changing study pattern help your child with better concentration and they will learn the concepts with interests this technique will surely help them to study easily

By applying, these steps you can surely help your children to focus on their studies and will keep your children focused and motivated . Although good habits take time to develop once the habit is developed it will last a long lifetime. Here are some of the few steps that will help your child to build effective study habits and overcome boredom.

How Parents & Teachers Can Help Children Build Study Habits

1. Praising Your Child

If you always criticize your child or student for not being enough, it will simply make them less self-confident and they will start doubting themselves. to avoid this situation you should praise your child for small winnings and good deeds that do not help them to develop self-confidence but will also motivate them to do more good things to prove themselves.

This technique helps the children to do study more willingly as they develop faith in themselves which will lead to a good result and make them ready to face obstacles more confidently.

2. Technology Detox

As we all know technology has both advantages and disadvantages, hence to make a child more concentrated in their studies make sure to reduce their screen time because the time they spend on social media and gaming is not only reducing their energy but also decreasing their concentration power.

Hence providing gadgets to the children for a limited period will improve their study routine and make them more focused.

3. Structured  Planning

To build a healthy study habit in your children you should have a properly structured plan and you should work according to that. Having a proper plan makes you aware of the dos and DONT to be taken care of during maintaining a good study habit.

Making a prior plan makes it easy and effective for a parent or a teacher to help their student develop study habits without getting distracted and also help their children to stay organized and motivated.

4. Exploring New Platforms And Technologies

By exploring new platforms and technologies you can help your child to develop an interest in learning,  without getting bored. It will make the learning more fun and exciting that will help them to understand their work better and as a result, they will do their studies more willingly.

Nowadays, there are so many apps are available on the devices to make learning more fun to do an activity, it helps the children to understand concepts more clearly. getting a good clearance of the topic makes a student more confident about their exams which reduces their anxiety and leads them to achieve good marks.

 5. Encouraging Playtime And Short Breaks

Getting into physical activity or having a short break will help to relax their mind, as studying continuously for a long period without having a break makes them feel exhausted. To achieve better results parents and teachers should allow playtime or a short break to the children to let them regain their energy and feel relaxed after studying hard. Physical activities tend to enhance the performance of the student as getting into physical activity is as much important as to do study effectively.

Playing outdoor sports like cricket, football, badminton or indoor games like chess, table tennis, helps the children to develop practical thinking as playing games also tends to relax our bodies and increase our concentration power. You should never force your child to do studies for long hours as this only leads to reducing their studying efficiency.

6. Maintain A Routine

As we all know “Consistency is the key to success”. Developing a habit is never easy but through consistency, it is possible to develop a good habit for a lifetime. By maintaining the routine you can help your child to adopt this healthy routine more easily and conveniently, this routine is not only meant for your child, but you should also remain consistent throughout the period.

Maintaining a study habit in your child will never be easy if you don’t follow a proper routine because if you are not disciplined about your decisions, how could you expect your child to be disciplined about their study routine. Hence to avoid this situation you should try to be consistent throughout the time.

7. Try To Become Their Study Buddy

Nowadays, children tend to suffer more from an emotional and mental breakdown, they are not able to express their views more freely and confidently as they are afraid to be judged by their parents. These things only make them emotionally weak and as a result, they face depression, and sometimes they even try to do suicidal attempts.

To avoid such kind of situation you should try to become your child’s best buddy to whom they can share every up and down of their life freely, without getting afraid of being judged. You should also try to help them out with their exam preparation by telling them the proper way to take notes using flashcards, sticky notes, etc., etc.

8. Stay Involved

You should try to remain close to your children while they are studying as it will help them to remain concentrated throughout the study. Watching a TV show or using cell phones near your children will affect their concentration power and also distract their mindset from studying.  Accompanying your child creates a sense of responsibility in their mind and they tend to study more concentratedly and effectively.

9. Reassess Their Progress

The parents and teachers should keep an eye on the children progress, as it helps to understand the area where he/she is lacking, their strong subjects, and their weaknesses.  These things will help you to work on their weaknesses and let them aware of them too. By analyzing your children’s progress you can also help them to overcome it by paying more attention to the subjects in which they are lacking.

It also makes you aware of the interest of your child and you can help them to make exam strategies according to that.

10. Getting Enough Sleep

To get more concentration power our mind also needs to relax, if the sleeping routine is struggling due to excessive study, it not only creates anxiety but also leads to both mental and physical health issues. To avoid such kind of situation you should not let your child disturb their sleeping routine due to studies. A proper 8 hours of sleep will help your child to relax properly and energize them for the next day. Good sleep tends to improve concentration power and keep the mind fresh and active.

Hence, a good habit doesn’t develop overnight, but if you remain consistent with the habits mentioned above even if things aren’t working properly in the beginning these habits tend to remain for a lifetime and also improve your relationship with your child.

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