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With Christmas and New Year’s eve round the corner; I can’t keep calm, Can you!?! As a kid apart from singing carols, Decorations, new clothes, Santa, gifts, and the most sort-after Christmas meals; what made my day complete were Brain Teasers or Solving Riddles. Christmas riddles were not only enjoyed in my school Christmas celebrations but at home as well. They keep the Christmas spirit alive while decorating the house as well as building the festive mood at a party. Poetic and puzzling as they are, hitting the right answer first among your fellow mates is usually applauded sometimes accompanied with a special game-winning prize. This contest by all means is great for entertaining guests to adding special moments of joy and laughter to your gathering when played between teams.

Well, here I am listing my all-time favorite 20 Christmas Riddles for you to add fun and quiz each other around the dining table at this Christmas party. They are the easiest and the most relatable ones I suppose.

1. I come in many colors and sizes: small, big, and bright. I turn houses, streets, and trees into a beautiful sight. Without me, Christmas will be incomplete! Can you guess What am I?

Answer: Christmas Lights

2. We are repeatedly chopped down, then decorated all over in this season, and got wings on the top. We also have needles but you won’t be able to sew them up? What are we?

Answer: Christmas Trees

3. At which place does Christmas comes before Thanksgiving?

Answer: In the dictionary

4. Better known to keep a giant’s foot warm; people usually find me near the fireplace. I am filled with candy, fruit, nuts, and coins. Can you guess What am I?

Answer: A Christmas stocking

5. This is the only kind of egg one can drink? Common, you know this right!?!

Answer: Eggnog

6. A gingerbread man put this on its bed rather than taking a blanket?

Answer: A cookie sheet

7. What words or phrases are generally present and you are most likely to encounter them over a Christmas gift tag?

Answer: To and From

8. I fall from the sky usually during winters and am much more beautiful than rain! No two pieces of me ever look the same!! Can you tell, What am I?

Answer: Snowflakes

9. We together started our journey from the East, following a big and bright star. We are the first almsgivers who brought gifts for the newborn King. Who were we?

Answer: The 3 wise men

10. Santa Claus rides on this through the night while he as gives out gifts to his beloved ones. To this, St. Nick’s nine helpers are hitched. What can be this?

Answer: A sleigh

11. I am the one that hides in your house, moving around each night. Santa sends me every year to who’s naughty and nice. I have pointy ears and help in making Christmas toys. do you know, Who am I?

Answer: Elf on The Shelf

12. You can catch me easily, especially during holidays and in the winter season. But after catching, you can never throw me! What do you think am I?

Answer: A cold

13. I lay snuggled inside a bassinet with animals in the barn while my mother sang me a lullaby. Can you tell, Who I am?

Answer: Baby Jesus

14. I come in a combination of two colors and taste so sweet you’ll feel ‘hooked’! Mostly seen around Christmas, you can surely guess me now!?!

Answer: A candy cane

15. What does Santa Claus call his red-nosed reindeer when he gets Sassy?

Answer: Rude-Dolph

16. If you hear us on Christmas night, you better get to sleep because we are attached to Santa’s sleigh!! Who are we?

Answer: Jingle bells

17. A type of fruit everyone loves eating at Christmas but that is not at all healthy?

Answer: Fruitcake

18. This ring is quite different from others as it is made up of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, and more from all that comes from nature. In wintertime, it usually hangs on your front door. What could it be?

Answer: A Christmas wreath

19. Why is the snowman browsing through carrots? Do think before you answer!?!

Answer: He was picking his nose

20. Sweet as candy, doubles up the fun. Named as if fruit and half the work is done. Found during Christmas, I am a treat to everyone. Still can’t guess, who am I?

Answer: A Sugar Plum

Concluding remark

Go through the above Brainteasers. Could you make them out!!

Easy to understand and all related to Christmas! Try throwing a bunch of riddles to others during these Christmas celebrations!  You are yet to be surprised by the results…

Don’t forget to share your experience with us and forward this article in case you liked it!

Keep us posted with What you want to read next! Merry Christmas to all of you!!

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