What are the universal human rights?

Human rights ensure that no matter where an individual is born, he or she is entitled to certain basic human rights. These are neither privileges nor they can be granted. They are in fact alienable. Human rights may sound simple but it becomes complicated as soon as it is implemented.


History Behind Human Rights

It originated with the birth of the United Nations that was a result of the ruins of World War 2. Not until 1948, the General Assembly of UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote the document and established the basics of modern international human rights law.

Base Of The  Declaration

There are many principles on which these are based. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Every human being is born free and equal in dignity and rights
  • Right to life, liberty and personal security.
  • Freedom from slavery and torture
  • Freedom of movement and residence
  • Freedom of opinion and expression
  • Right to education
  • Right to work, to receive fair pay and to form and join trade unions

These declarations are not biased but they exist universally and stand now.

Human Rights Getting Ignored

Human rights have grown rapidly thus deepening the understanding of what they actually are and practices to protect them in a better way. But the case is that no matter how well the human rights are developed, there are still situations where human rights are abused and henceforth ignored.

The main body within the UN that is in charge of protecting human rights is responsible for monitoring and investigating human rights but they cannot in any manner force states to change the policy. This is the reason why many critics often have uttered the statements that it is of no use to consider human rights a given where the state holds so much authority.

Benefit Of Human Rights

Beside some of its ill effects, others have actively addressed the good things about international human rights. Along with the ever evolving human rights, the views and definition of the basic human rights are evolving too. For instance, The European Conventions on human rights has established a court that allows the 47 country members and the fellow citizens to bring the case. After this, the court issues some binding decision that each state member has to comply with.

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