What makes the Great Wall of China so extraordinary?

Welcome back student, today we will study about something huge, really huge! We will learn about the greatness of the great wall of China. Walls are generally built as a barrier to increase protection and the same was the reason to build the great wall of China. We need to dig out the past to know about how the wall was constructed.

The past

The Great Wall initially were multiple walls of rammed earth which was built by individual medieval states during the Chunqiu period to protect the land from the invaders north of China. The Emperor Qin Shi Huang combined the states in 221 BCE, at that time the Tibetan Plateau and Pacific Ocean acted as natural barriers, but the northern area was vulnerable to the invaders. To protect the land against them, the Emperor extended the small walls built by his ancestors. The wall extended from Lintao to Liaodong and was known as the long wall. Similarly, several succeeding dynasties modified the structure of the wall as the invaders were able to surpass it and attack the land.

In fact, during the World War II China used the wall for defense against the Japanese invaders.

What we have today

Today, the great wall of China is used as a cultural heritage. It was declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. It was built to keep people out of their land but today it welcomes a large number of tourists from all around the world.

The great wall of China is indeed one of the largest architectures constructed by humans. So, when are you planning to visit there?

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