What happens during a heart attack?

The heart acts as an engine to the body by pumping the blood where it’s needed. It has a line that caters that fuel needs, Heart attacks take place when this line gets vandalized. It’s a leading killer.


When does one get a Heart Attack?

Cigarettes and eating poorly can cause heart attacks as they discard the inside of your heart’s fuel line, after years of scraping, the blockages initiate forming inside of it, and gradually these blockages develop and ultimately block the line ensuing in chest pain. When these blockages fall apart and clog the line utterly.

How does it feel?

You’ll feel the pressure or burning in the center of the chest. This feeling can be lenient or sturdy, Sometimes you might also feel achy shoulders or arms that can even reach to the neck and jaw. You can even feel like you are out of breath even without any chest pain. Even nausea, diabetes. Symptoms can be less leading in women and elders, weakness and tiredness can be the main signal. It can be a silent attack too

What exactly happens?

In heart attacks plague clogs the arteries that nourish the heart. i.e the fatty deposits or plaques develop on the walls of coronary arteries, the ones that supply oxygenated blood to your heart. The muscle tissues of the heart are famished with oxygen and nutrients. causing the pain.

The scary part is that these plagues grow as we age and if the plagues crack then a blood clot will form within minutes. the partially clogged artery will become completely blocked.

In sudden cardiac arrest, the heart initiates racing in a perplexed disorganized way. As soon as the blood ceases its circulation, you will pass out, stop breathing, and possess no pulse.

The brain will die unless you revive your heart rhythm is as soon as possible, Or it can cause sudden demise.

Can I Survive?

Catheter treatment or surgery to restore the blood flow helped people survive. But regretting to know that only fewer than 5% survive.

Aspirin and nitroglycerin can help keep heart attacks from getting worse.

Doctors prefer using an electrocardiogram and a blood test to examine heart damage. Then in the surgery room, the specialists reopen the blocked artery by a process called angioplasty else suggest coronary artery bypass surgery. Things will quickly deteriorate in absence of treatment.

All the advanced treatment might save you but prevention is vital.

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