Would winning the lottery make you happier?

Happiness is the key theory of each individual’s human life. Humans are more compact about joyful things. There are many things that money can buy but does it really make a human being happy? The lottery concept was first developed by fillip Brickman and his colleagues in 1978.

Does winning the lottery make you happier?

Winning a lottery can make someone comfortable just for some occasion. After spending money if someone does not have any source of income it will again make you think about the money. As a human being of course money matter’s but satisfaction is more important.

A recent study said those who win a big cash prize will not see any change in their day-to-day life happiness but could boost their life satisfaction overall. Lotteries are purely a chance of events and no amount of wishful thinking will influence your chance of success.

After the long research, most of the people said NO. More than half of the people said it makes us more comfortable for a moment and give the content that we have enough origin to defeat. People who won a large amount of money are not happier afterward.

Considering human cosmos prevailing a lottery is more comfortable for the middle-class peoples moderately than those who previously have it.

Those who struggle to find joy in n ordinary event enjoy the most when they win a large amount of money. They influenced happiness because winning a lottery is life’s biggest event. Some human being happy with money so for them, it’s a bit enthusiastic moment to win a lottery with a large amount.13% of millionaires think that they are happy to have a lot of money.

The people who refer their life quality with money these are the ones who feel but money does not buy everything for them it is just a consequence to enjoy life with fulfillment. According to a phycology analysis done on lottery winners, the result found that winning a lottery will not make you happy. Winners said as the things which are come are left one day. so they said they are in the same mindset as they were previously.

Researcher’s also found that the happiness of lottery winners just after won but returned to pre winning level within a few months. Most people have their happiness in every situation but after a few time, they come back to their set point.

Thus it is just a moment of peace that encourages them to understand the research purposes.

Unless it does things to change your set point like exercising gratitude or developing strong relationships, your happiness will return to its original set point.

Lottery winners have less mental stress because they have the solution for financial aids thus it also makes them happy somehow but not for a lifetime.

We need money to overcome the situations and financial aids thus it makes you happy for some time. outsource money makes you happy as it is the needful source of every human being but not for a long time. After a few days, all living beings will come to their normal life because as per the human mindset things that go around come around.

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