What is Force? How it Works?


Activity 1

Your brother is trying to come inside the room and you are standing at the door. you should not allow him to enter the room! what will you do?

How do you stop your brother from entering into your room?

Yes, you push the door towards your brother and he cannot open the door.

Do you know WHY??

Activity 2

Go near a chair. hold the chair with two hands and push it. what happened when you pushed it?


How did the chair move? it moved because YOU PUSHED it!

The chair moved and the door was closed because you were putting FORCE.

What is Force?

Force is the pushing or the pulling that you do on some object. The force you put on the chair makes it move. The force you put on the door is keeping it close. In your daily life, you can see force everywhere.

Story Time: Akshay and his Kite

One Sunday morning, Akshay woke up early and went into the garden. He saw a kite on a branch of a mango tree. Akshay wanted to take that kite for himself.

He jumped and tried catching the kite’s thread but fell down. He jumped again and caught the thread and pulled it, the kite did not come down. it was stuck to the tree.

Akshay left the thread and put his hands on the tree’s huge trunk and started shaking the tree. The kite did not fall on the ground.

Akshay went into his house and brought a chair near the tree. He climbed on the chair carefully. He took the kite from the tree carefully. There was a yellow, delicious mango behind the kite. Akshay caught the mango with one hand and plucked it from the tree.

Akshay carefully got down from the chair and went into the house happily.


In Akshay’s story above, where do you think Akshay has put force?

  • Why did Akshay fall down after jumping? Why did not Akshay fly into the air after jumping?
  • When you blow a feather in your hand, it flies away in the air. why does that happen? Because you put force on it by blowing air to it.
  • When you try to bring close two magnets, they attach to each other or move away (repel). What kind of force do you think is present here?
  • When you rub your hands very fast then you can feel your palms heating up. Where did that heat come from?
  • When you throw a ball in the air, why does it fall on the ground again? Who is pulling the ball down?

Types of Forces

there are many kinds of forces around us. you cannot see all of them but you can feel them. if someone pushes you from behind, you can feel them pushing. when the magnets repel each other and don’t attach, you can feel the magnets pushing you away. in this way, we can observe many forces around us

1. Push-pull force

this is the most common kind of force and you can feel this most of the time in your daily life

2. Gravity

Gravity is a pulling force. it will never push and only pulls. who is pulling? THE GROUND! THE EARTH!

Everything that is on the ground stays on the ground because earth is pulling everything towards it. When you jump, throw a ball in the air, both fall on the ground after some time because the earth is pulling them. You can walk, run, drive your bicycle because of gravity.

Did you ever think why you don’t fly in the air when you jump? Now you know the answer. Because of gravity!

3. Friction

When you rub both of your hands to each other very fast, you can feel your hands heating up?

Where did that heat come from?

When you are rubbing your hands, you are putting force on one hand from the other hand and moving them very fast. This causes the heat in your hand. This heat is due to a force called FRICTION. 

4. Magnetic

Everyone knows that a magnet attracts and attaches to another magnet. But sometimes when you try to attach the magnets they don’t, why?

This attraction and repulsion of magnets are due to MAGNETIC FORCE.

So you learned what force is and the types of forces, now you know the reason for many things that you do in your daily life. try and note down the different works where you put force on something.

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