What was it like to be an explorer?

Exploring different and dangerous places seems very much interesting and captivating, but did you know about the multitude of challenges that can not be prevented and have to be faced by an explorer? Being an explorer is a difficult and challenging task that can be extremely fulfilling and exciting at the same time.


Who is an Explorer?

  • Explorers are people who travel far and wide across the Earth to explore new areas and face challenges that have never been attempted before. They also travel in search of new scientific and geographical discoveries.
  • Such people usually have a great sense of judgment along with the determination for facing challenges.
  • There are many great explorations made by people that have changed the history of the world.

Some great explorations across the World:

  • Christopher Columbus- He was an Italian explorer and navigator. He visited the four rounds of the Atlantic Ocean from Spain in order to find the direct water route from West Europe to Asia. However, he was unsuccessful in doing that and instead ended up in America. Even though he was not the first person to explore America, he famously knows this exploration because only after his visit did the routes to America become known to people and explorers all over the world.
  • Vasco Da Gama- He was a Portuguese explorer and the first-ever person to explore India from Europe by the means of the sea. Due to his explorations, the oceanic route formed by connecting the Atlantic and Indian oceans was discovered, marking the beginning of the phase of global multiculturalism and making history.
  • Robert Peary- He was an American explorer and a United States naval officer. He made a few trips to the Arctic and possibly discovered the North Pole during his expeditions. His explorations led him to win many awards although his explorations were still highly debated.

Fun Facts:

  1. Christopher Columbus was also known as the discoverer of the New World.
  2. The moon was first explored by Neil Alden Armstrong.
  3. Sir Edmund Percival Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first people to climb the summit of Mount Everest.

Additional Questions:

  1. What does exploration mean?
  2. Write down different explorations made by people all around the World.
  3. Enlist some awarded explorations of the World.

True or False:

  1. Explorers do not have an adventurous job.
  2. Exploring is not a challenging task.
  3. There is no great exploration made until now from across the World.
  4. Christopher Columbus explored India.
  5. Vasco De Gama is an Italian explorer.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Vasco De Gama was a ________.
    1. Portuguese explorer.
    2. Italian explorer.
    3. Indian explorer.
    4. None of the above.
  2. Christopher Columbus initially wanted to search for a ________.
    1. Direct water route from Europe to Asia.
    2. Direct water route from Spain to Asia.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  3. Robert Peary was an __________.
    1. American Explorer.
    2. United States Naval officer.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  4. Explorer needs to __________.
    1. Face many challenges on their way.
    2. Just order around people to complete their work.
    3. Just supervise other people’s work.
    4. None of the above.
  5. Moon was explored by _________.
    1. Sir Neil Alden Armstrong.
    2. Sir Isaac Newton.
    3. Sir Robert Peary.
    4. None of the above.

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