Why do meerkats stand on their back legs?



  • The scientific name for Meerkat is Suricata Suricatta, also referred to as suricate.
  • Meerkat are the small mongoose animal found in the South Africa.
  • The external feature of mongoose include the broad head, large eyes, a pointed snout, long legs, a thin tapering tail, and a stripped coat pattern.
  • On an average, Meerkat’s weight about 0.62 to 0.97 kg, and their length is about 24 to 35 cm on average.
  • Their fur or coat is of yellowish to brown color with in-between dark and light bands.
  • Meerkat’s have able fore claws mostly useful in digging soil.
  • Meerkat’s also have the ability of thermoregulation, that allows them to survive in harsh and dry conditions.
  • Thermoregulation is the ability of mammals that allows them to maintain their body temperature irrespective of the environmental conditions.
  • Meerkats are known to live in stony, calcareous areas and in a large burrow systems in plains.

Why do Meerkat’s stand on their back legs?

  • Meerkats are known to live in a group of minimum two members to the maximum 30 members.
  • Most of the time Meerkat’s live by walking on four legs just like a dog. But sometimes they do stand on two legs.
  • As compared to other animals, Meerkats are quite good at balancing with two legs.
  • Their first reason to stand on two legs can be said to attain some height as they are very small animal.
  • Them attaining height can help in keeping better watch at the surrounding to find for any predator or danger while finding food.
  • The one Meerkat doing the job of keeping a watch around is said to be at sentry position or guard position.
  • The another reason for standing on two legs can be to have more heat at the belly area from sun which is not much possible in bending position.

Fun Facts:

  1. Meerkats are immune to venom to such a limit that even if bitten by cobra, they will feel unwell for some time and will go back to normal.
  2. Meerkat’s have a great vision. Eyes is their most developed sense.
  3. Meerkats are known to be the most murderous mammal, who can be killed by their own species.

Related Questions:

  1. In which desired condition, Meerkats are known to live?
  2. Who are mammals?
  3. Who are mongoose?

True or False:

  1. Meerkat belongs to the mongoose group.
  2. Meerkat have zebra like white and black color fur coat.
  3. Meerkat’s have the ability of thermoregulation.
  4. Meerkat’s fore claw is used for eating.
  5. Meerkat like to live alone.

Objective Quiz:

  1. The scientific name of _______ is suricata suricatta.
    1. Meerkat.
    2. Meerkut.
    3. Mongoose.
    4. Goose.
  2. ________ is the ability of mammal’s that allows them to maintain their body temperature irrespective of environmental conditions.
    1. Thermoregulation.
    2. Thermodynamic.
    3. Thermoglutin.
    4. Thermoheat.
  3. Meerkat are known to live in a group of about _________.
    1. Two to Eight People.
    2. Two to Fifteen People.
    3. Two to Thirty People.
    4. Two to Fifty Five People.
  4. Meerkat’s use _______ for mostly digging.
    1. Fore claw.
    2. Back claw.
    3. Left claw.
    4. Right claw.
  5. As compared to other animals, Meerkat are quite good at __________.
    1. Balancing at two legs.
    2. Balancing at three legs.
    3. Balancing at five legs.
    4. Balancing at one leg.

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