When did people build the first houses?

  • The people of the stone age period were known to often take shelter in stone caves. Their main job was hunting and gathering. They were essentially nomads and used to shift from one place to the other frequently.
  • The main purpose of a shelter was to hide away from wild animals as well as to be safe from extreme climatic conditions.
  • However, by the end of the stone age, people had started farming and this drastically changed their way of life.


Why people needed houses to stay?

  • During the early stone age period, humans were known to live in caves. They were also given a name based on this way of living and hence were called cavemen.
  • During the early period of the stone age, there were just two basic needs for humans – food and shelter.
  • With time, that is, toward the end of the stone age, humans learned farming.
  • They started relying on farming for food. For this purpose, they needed one place to stay, unlike the earlier generations who used to shift from one place to other frequently.
  • As humans began to settle down, they sought out a more sturdy and permanent home. In this period they stopped living in natural stone caves and began building crude structures out of tree branches and leaves for shelter. They made their first house for about 12000 years ago.
  • As large communities of people began settling in one area, to grow crops and support life, a small town developed.
  • Their houses were connected to each other by the rooftops. They used to have their rooftop used for working in the open air and sun.
  • Along with the development in shelters, people began harvesting cotton and animal hides to weave their own clothes.
  • Animals were also kept in town to help in farming as well as to provide wool and food to human.

Fun Facts:

  1. They had a place under their houses to bury dead people.
  2. The used animal skins to make clothes.
  3. Their houses had a hatch over the rooftop because there was road in between houses to prevent any attacks.

Additional Questions:

  1. Who were caveman?
  2. What was the need for humans to build a house?
  3. What is farming?

True or False:

  1. The people of stone age period were habituated with living in buildings.
  2. Cavemen were known to live in caves.
  3. Early stone age periods humans did not know about farming.
  4. For the purpose of farming, they needed a shelter to stay for a long time.
  5. There were no houses till 100 years ago.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Stone age period humans were known to live in _______.
    1. Caves.
    2. Buildings.
    3. Roads.
    4. Hotels.
  2. By the end of the stone age period, humans started learning __________.
    1. Farming.
    2. Shipping.
    3. Swimming.
    4. None of the above.
  3. The first house was made about __________.
    1. 12000 years ago.
    2. 12000 years after.
    3. 1200 years ago.
    4. 1200 years after.
  4. Humans living in caves were known as _________.
    1. Caveman.
    2. Cave people.
    3. Cave human.
    4. All of the above.
  5. By joining one house to another, soon it became a __________.
    1. Town.
    2. City.
    3. State.
    4. Nation.

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