Where do rocks come from?


The ‘light’ rocks are on the Earth’s surface

If you don’t know our planet Earth is a rock too, but so much has occurred since it was formulated from dust and minute rocks that crushed and thrust together 4.543 billion years ago.

As the space dust bang each other to make the earth, it got roasting and melted. At that time the Earth was swinging ball of red-hot lava gliding through space.

In this liquefy lava planet, hefty bits of the earth go down and the airy frothy bits congregated on the surface. We don’t look at the really hefty rocks these days just because they go down intense in the planet very premature on. They were light and arise to the top. Then time passed on, the planet chilled and froze to become the rock-hard earth.

We well know most rocks are weighty. But in fact, few rocks are even really vast ones and are actually much airy than the rocks established in the deep Earth.

Lava and plates

Those rocks on the Earth’s top actually roam around. Big lump size of continents which is called plates push each other and this can root to earthquakes. Some of them get enforced under other plates and warm up and in the end melt. This configuration more lava. The lava flares up from volcanoes, then cools down and forms current rocks.

Mountains and gems are also Rocks

Mountain’s kinds where two plates bust into each other. The rocks that get seize between two of the Earth’s plates get flatten under huge influence and warm up. These can configure really alluring rocks. Most of the gem’s form in these rocks and people attempt to discover them to build jewellery.

Rain and ice shatter up the rocks in mountains. These devise sand and mud that get cleansed out to make beaches, rivers and swamps. This sand and mud can get concealed, squashed and heated, which later on swaps them into rocks.

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