How do volcanoes erupt?

How do volcanoes erupt

The primary cause of volcanic eruptions is the movement of tectonic plates, which can lead to the melting of rocks in the Earth’s mantle, eventually causing magma to rise and erupt as lava.



1. What role does magma play in volcanic eruptions?

A) It cools down the Earth’s core
B) It acts as a lubricant for tectonic plates
C) It rises and erupts as lava
D) It solidifies to form the Earth’s crust

2. What is NOT a factor in causing volcanic eruptions?

A) Increase in gas pressure within the magma
B) Decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field
C) Increase in temperature causing rocks to melt
D) Introduction of water into the magma

3. How does water contribute to volcanic eruptions?

A) By cooling down the lava rapidly
B) By increasing the pressure within the magma
C) By acting as a barrier to magma rise
D) By solidifying the magma instantly

4. What is lava?

A) Water expelled from a volcano
B) Magma that has reached the Earth’s surface
C) A type of rock formed under high-pressure
D) Gases released during an eruption


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