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Who invented pen?

Who invented pen?

A pen-like object was developed by Egyptian people made of reed. As we all know the pen is that popular instrument which is used for writing commonly. When the pen was not invented people used the quill. The quill pen was widely used for long period of time. Lasio Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor first invented the ballpoint pen and Lewis Waterman invented the fountain pen. Now as we can see there are so many types of pen already in the market.

In the cinema of the black and white era, you can see people are writing letter with a quill. The quill has to dip into an inkpot before writing. That type of pen is very different from today’s pen.

A pen is an instrument for writing.

Before the discovery of papers, people used clay or wax tablets, on which they wrote with sharp objects like stones, bones or sticks.

Eventually, with the invention of paper, the first kind of pen had been invented. Around 6000 years ago, the first paper-like object was invented, known as papyrus. At that time animal skin was also used as a writing pad. Now, a proper instrument for writing, by which writing on a paper-like object or mat will be possible, became essential. The Egyptian people created a pen-like object, which was made of reed, as shown in the pictures below.




You can understand from the picture that a small portion was cut from the reed and one end was sharpened like a nib which was dipped in ink before writing. Thus, usage of ‘pen’ started. After that came the quill pen. For a period of time the quill pen was widely used. Lasio Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor first invented the ballpoint pen and Lewis Waterman invented the fountain pen.

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