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Why does the Sun follow us?    

Why does the Sun follow us?

Sun does not really follow us you know! How? Actually, the sun is very very far from us. The sun’s distance from earth is 149,597,870 miles. When we are traveling any distance that distance is nothing in compared to the distance of the sun from the Earth. At this point, our position seems same with respect to the sun. So, the sun seems to be in the same position or, it looks like as if the sun is following you everywhere.

Look at the sun from the window of your room, then come out in the garden and look at it again. Does the position of the sun change? The sun’s position does not change.

But the Jasmine plant seems nearer from the garden, than it seems from the window of your room. Why is this so?

This is because of the distance of the object from you. When you are in the garden you can feel that jasmine plant is physically nearer to you.  It is because jasmine plant is not very far away from your room or from your house. But the Sun is crores of miles away from the earth. The sun’s distance from earth is precisely 149,597,870 miles. This distance is beyond our imagination. So, when you are travelling any distance, that distance is negligible compared to the distance of the sun from the Earth. In this case your position seems same in respect to the sun. So, the sun seems to be in same position or, it seems sun is following you when you are travelling, it may be by car or by train or by foot.

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