Why can’t ostriches fly?

World’s biggest bird! Too heavy to fly! Bird with the maximum speed!

Do you know whom are we talking about? Yes, you’ve guessed it right. Its the ostriches!


The Ostriches

They are known for their heavy weight, world’s biggest bird size and phenomenal speed. Nevertheless, despite being in the category of birds, the ostriches are unable to fly.

Ostriches do have huge flappy feathery wings, but still they cannot take flight. This happens primarily because of the huge weight of these birds. So much is its weight that howsoever strong their wings may be, they cannot help the bird to lift off from the ground surface and leap into air.

But don’t worry! It surely does not mean that ostriches are deprived of any movement. Instead of being able to fly, these birds of prey have developed equally strong pair of feet, which essentially help them to run at a top notch speed, away from any impending danger.

Unused Wings

A ostrich definitely is an embodiment of simply no wastage. Well, although the bird cannot fly in its heavy weighed body, the wings are still beneficial to them as they are required by the bird in order to keep their body balance intact while they run at full speed.

Doesn’t this phenomenon resemble the need of wings in an aircraft to keep balance of the flight!

Strong Legs

The true epitome of being heavy duty is fulfilled by the feet of the ostrich. They have an extremely powerful set of legs, which are required by them especailly at times of their run. Unlike the common hollow bones of most birds, ostriches on the other hand have strong and steady bones which assist in movement. They also have strongly guarded foot muscles which ensure correct posture and placement of the foot, either while running from danger, or when kicking out its prey.

Being Level-Headed

Missing any target is disliked by the ostrich. Hence it always likes to stay focussed in its vision; as a result of which they’ve developed a strong head.

Being level headed makes their head stay balanced at all times, even during their speedy run, a steady vision which makes them remain alert and keep a vision track of al their enemies and prey.

Missing Toes!

Interestingly, ostriches are the only category of bird which have only two toes on each of their feet. Unlike other birds who have a minimum of four in each, ostriches on the other hand have clearly lesser than that.

However, having just toes is also helpful for them, since it becomes easy for them to clip their foot on ground, have a better grip in catching its prey and be more firm in its catch!

Fun Facts

  • An ostrich egg is said to be the largest of its kind in the entire world!
  • Since ostriches cant fly, hence they have a missing part of breastbone in their body which is only helpful in taking a flight!

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  3. Do ostriches harbour a nest for themselves?

Objective Questions:

  • Ostriches have only _____ toes.
  • Ostriches are the _______ birds in the world.
  • Missing ________ is a feature of an ostrich.
  • Ostriches showcase a ______ speed during run.
  • Ostriches have _______ legs.

True Or False:

  1. Ostrich eggs are the largest ones: ________
  2. Ostriches can fly: _______
  3. Ostrich is a bird of prey: _______
  4. Powerful legs are used to dig mud by the ostrich: _______
  5. Ostriches have a level head: ________

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