Why do leaves change color in the fall?

Why do leaves change color in the fall

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, chlorophyll production in leaves decreases, leading to the change in color.



1. What is the primary pigment responsible for the green color in leaves?

A) Carotene
B) Chlorophyll
C) Anthocyanin
D) Xanthophyll

2. Which of the following is not a pigment that contributes to the fall colors of leaves?

A) Chlorophyll
B) Carotene
C) Anthocyanin
D) Melanin

3. Why do some leaves turn red or purple in the fall?

A) They are dying
B) Due to the production of anthocyanins
C) Loss of chlorophyll
D) Exposure to sunlight

4. What environmental factor does not directly influence the color change in leaves?

A) Soil pH
B) Temperature
C) Length of night
D) Moisture

5. What happens to the green color of chlorophyll in the fall?

A) It becomes more vibrant
B) It fades away
C) It changes to red
D) It stays the same


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