Why do people join cults?

It’s facile to wonder who would ever join a cult and judge them. Cults appear in copious forms and it is common. Cults can be described as involving devotion to some idea, thing, or person.

Back on Nov 18, 1978, 909 men, women, and children died post being compelled to drink poisoned flavor aid, and since then that incident has been immortalized has shorthand slang for selfish cult-like thinking. These days you’ll find a lot of cults, but not all of them are religious, some are political, therapy-based, and on the other side not all new religions are what we’re referring to as cults. There are researches that emphasize a religious element called the New religious Movement, where others focus on deceiving persuasive attacks, and some highlight vandalizing groups that seek control and isolate people but not deleterious.

Sometimes it’s hard to give a vivid answer on how to identify a group is a cult, Who and why? it’s still being researched. For example, in 2007, at the Autonomous University of Madrid, researches inquired 101 former cult members and found that they’re just normal people some conveyed that they joined because they were aggrieved with their life or in search of self-development, or spiritual development, etc which sounded like absolutely normal psychological phenomena.

We all deserve love and demand answers to colossal salient questions, work to improve, or even seek spiritual insight and sometimes people find these things in cults. But everything has a price, there are factors that can put us at risk of joining cults like

  • Your ambiance, who you are surrounded by matters eg a dysfunctional family.
  • Personal qualities or people dealing with misery are also at great risk
  • The most salient point is joining by manipulation leading to ingratiation.

How to be saved?

Once you strenuously come out people will deal with copious mental health because of the trauma and abuse they experienced. But the good news is that researches are being done to comprehend in helping them recover to achieve a salubrious life by

  • catering therapeutic techniques,
  • inquiries,
  • unlearning deleterious beliefs
  • how to resist persuasion by forewarning, but this doesn’t work equally well in all kinds of messages.

Know that it’s perfectly fine to hanker, crave love, figure out yourself, hang out with cool people, but you never know people’s intention so be careful.

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