The power of creative constraints


Creative constraints

When you are trying to do a work or a project, the factors like the materials you have, the total cost of completing it and the unbreakable laws of physics can be called as the creative constraints. These are the requirements as well as the limitations that one need to infer in completing a task. They are applicable in almost every fields.  They even form an essential part of the experimental design during scientific process.

For instance in the field of engineering, these constraints help in inventing something new and productive by applying the earlier discoveries. Innovative and productive solutions for many scientific and complicated  problems were found out with the help of these constraints.

The role of engineers

The engineers also developed a practice or habit of scientific thinking in order to advance the solutions by comprehending the limitations of the present technology. The constraints always help in decision making whether it be a)iterative or b)innovative. It makes sure that each objective fulfils its goal.

Issue in Mars

The astronauts sent to Mars needs drinking water. For that need a filtration system that keeps the water clean is required. It is another constraint for which the technology has not been developed. In the process of trying to find out a solution for this problem, other applications might be discovered. The new installation or application invented could help in other activities. For instance, it could provide a solution for the farmers working in dry and drought stricken areas. At the same tome it could help in cleaning municipal water in polluted areas.

One leads way for the another

A failure in one experiment could be the success of another. For instance the scientist Alexander Fleming mistakenly contaminated petri dish and it lead to the discovery of penicillin, the first antibiotic. The same goes for the discovery of synthetic dye, gun powder, plastic etc. These discoveries were possible only due to understanding constraints. So constraints could be considered as the foundation of creativity.

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