Why do people think differently?

Understanding the Human Mind.

The human mind has always been one of the most interesting and wondrous creations ever witnessed. The most interesting fact is that each and every individual has a different and highly unique mind. It is difficult to judge a person based on their mental capability, as it is impossible to gauge how differently they may behave in a hypothetical situation.

Our thoughts are also a unique part of our identity and are an essential component of our very own personality. So, our thoughts are absolutely random yet unique from anyone else’s. Let’s find out where our thoughts come from, and why is there are different thinking capabilities in each person!


Why do people think differently?

Every individual is unique in their own way. We all have unique characteristic personalities right from birth, and hence it forms the very basis of our identity.

The way we think is a result of the huge impact our surroundings have on us and they are responsible for the socio-cultural values we keep. For instance, family values that are inculcated in a person from their very childhood impact the person’s way of thinking and their moral compass.

Family behaviours can alter the way one thinks and their subsequent reaction towards others. People essentially do learn their habits and ways of thinking and behaving from the people who raise them and are the closest to them.

Also, from the scientific perspective, how our brain functions can also impact how we tend to learn, our thinking ability and the way in which we are able to relate to others.

People With Different Minds

Whilst every individual has a different mind which functions differently, however, there are some whose thinking capabilities might are altogether different due to certain differences in their neurological system. People with such disabilities may have a different way of looking at the world, but then at the end of the day, we all think differently, don’t we? However, being ignorant towards people we encounter in our daily lives is cruel and so it is up to us to learn more about these disabilities to help us become a little kinder every day.

Let’s see take a look:


It describes a condition that impacts the coordination of an individual.  So, for instance, children with dyspraxia find drawing, writing, and playing sports difficult. Though they might have good speaking skills, they may have difficulty in performing tasks with minute details and maximum concentration, as well as the coordination of two or more parts of the body.

Down Syndrome

Being a type of learning disability, Down syndrome results in the individual taking longer time than other people in learning certain skills. But, at the same time, they have their own unique reflective personalities and have likes and dislikes just like any other person.


A condition most common among children, Dyslexia results in children finding usual academic practices such as reading and writing being more cumbersome and difficult as compared to other children of their age. Their strengths
may include a sense of unparalleled creativity, visual thinking, and direct handwork such as craft making.


This condition is usually detected in individuals right from their childhood. Autistic children may become highly uncomfortable in bright lights and sounds as they find the intensity overwhelming. It is difficult for them to understand and comprehend the feelings of others, as well as their very own feelings. In some cases, these individuals may not be able to identify themselves as a person or associate themselves with their name. However, they display fantastic creative and memory skills, and may also reflect strong concentration skills.

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Again, a very uncommon disorder in children, kids with ADHD exhibit hyper energy in them. They are easily distracted at work and find it hard to focus on certain things. Surprisingly, they may even sometimes be able to do something completely different, creative and unique without even thinking.

Fun Facts

  • The human brain gets smaller as we get older. It usually happens sometime after middle-age.
  • Every time we recall a memory or have a new thought, we actually create a connection in the brain.

Related questions

  1.  What can be done to aid students with these learning abilities?
  2. How are these individuals with different mental capabilities unique in their own ways?
  3. How can dyslexic children be helped with their academics?

Fill in the Blanks

  • The full form of ADHD is _________.
  • Dyslexia is a _______ disorder.
  • Autistic individuals get uncomfortable in  _____ and _____.
  • Disability in coordination and concentration is called ________.
  • Autistic individuals showcase high levels of  ________.

True Or False

  1. ADHD results in less energy and inactivity: ______
  2. Down Syndrome is a learning disability: ______
  3. Our family value system has no impact on our thinking abilities: _____
  4. The way our brain functions is also responsible for the way in which we think: ____
  5.  Dyspraxia results in an individual’s ability to hear: ____

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