Why do we get sick?

“Health is wealth” everyone of us heard this phrase several times. This phrase clearly states that how important one’s health is. We have been taught to take care of our health and prevent ourselves from falling sick since childhood. Our body is made up of uncountable cells and number of organs. Every organ have its own functions for example heart supplies oxygen to all parts of the body, brain’s function is to think, lungs is for breathing etc. Every organ working together makes a healthy body.

The major threat to a healthy body is getting sick. Human body is very complicated, If anyone of the organ fails to work properly due to any reason or if we get exposed to inappropriate temperature we immediately get sick.

We are surrounded by many reasons of getting sick. Some of the major reasons are:



Lack of proper hygiene is one of the main reason of falling sick. Many of the deadly viruses and bacteria can enter our body if we don’t maintain a proper hygiene for example eating vegetables and fruits without washing them, not taking bath, not cleaning or cutting our nails regularly, eating food without washing hands, not cleaning our house regularly can expose our body to several deadly bacterias. Consuming contaminated food and water results to many diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid etc.

Food habits

Inappropriate food habits leads to malfunctioning of body. Food is considered as fuel of the body. Body needs many nutrients for proper functioning of organs and these nutrients are provided by food but if don’t provide proper food to our body it will definitely make us to get sick.  Eating too much junk food and too oily food  leads to improper digestion and unhealthy heart. Consuming too much alchol is hazardous to liver and kidney. Also unhygienic food habits like eating contaminated food, eating food without washing hands, uncooked food can lead to many diseases.

Bacteria and viruses

We are surrounded by several deadly viruses which are already present in our atmosphere like flu and corona viruses. We come accross thousands of people daily, most of them are strangers and we don’t know if they are suffering from any disease. There are two types of diseases, communicable and non communicable disease. If we came across a person with any communicable disease there are chances that we get infected by it.

Identifying diseases is a complicated thing. The major symptom of any disease is that you will feel sick and low. We can only identify symptoms but the actual disease can only be identified by professional health workers i.e. doctors. If one identifies any symptom he/she should immediately run to a doctor and pharmaceutical tests and should take proper precautions.

Earlier it was difficult to identify diseases and people were not so aware about health and precautions that’s why mortality rate was high but nowadays due to advanced technologies and better medical facilities it is easy to identify diseases and to get cure of it.

Apart from medicines and treatment there’s something natural in our body which helps us to fight with diseases and sickness i.e. immunity. Immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins  that  defends the body against infections. Some people have strong immunity and some have weak. Strong immunity is enough to beat common infections like cold and flu and also protects our body from getting sick during changes in temperature due to change in weather. White blood cells play a crucial role in immune system. White blood cells protects our body from foreign harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our body is already immune to fight with infections and diseases but along with immunity we can also protect ourselves from getting sick by taking simple precautions like:

  • Maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Washing hands before and after eating.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food.
  • Take regular health check up.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene like taking shower and brushing your teeth daily.
  • Eat properly cooked food.
  • Try to build a strong immunity by eating foods that can boost your immunity.

Every one wants to live a long and healthy life and for that one should adapt healthy habits and precautions. Day by day increasing infections and deadly viruses it is very important to protect ourselves from getting sick. Though nowadays it is very easy to identify and cure diseases but still a strong immunity is very important. We can not completely depend on medicines. Human body is a very complicated network of different organs which need different nutrients in order to work work properly so a healthy diet is essential. Not only physical health but mental health is also very important. Brain is the most complicated part of our body so in order to have a healthy brain good and positive thoughts are important so stay positive and stay healthy.

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