Do you know what vanilla tastes like?


‘Vanilla’, what comes in your mind when you listen to this word? Of course the sweet, aromatic taste of the flavour vanilla which is usually used in sweet items like dessert and ice cream. This flavour is very common and Loved by everyone.

Vanilla was originated in mexico. Everyone likes the sweet, aromatic and smoky taste of vanilla  but what if I tell you that vanilla don’t have any taste? Surprising right? Yes, vanilla don’t have any taste at all. You must be thinking how come you liked this flavour even when it doesn’t have any taste at all. It’s all about smell.


Correlation between taste and smell

Our tongue sense different taste like sweet, salty, bitter, sour, but the flavour of food is recognised by its smell. Taste and smell goes hand in hand. Our taste buds and sense of smell work together when we eat something. You might have noticed that when you have cold and your nose is blocked you don’t get the proper taste of whatever you eat because your sense of smell doesn’t work when having cold. Nose and mouth are connected through the same airway so you taste and smell food at the same time. That’s how a tasteless thing vanilla becomes so delicious and this is how sense of taste and smell are correlated and this relation is important for enjoying all kind of foods.

Importance of food

Everyone loves food. Food is the basic need of life. It not only satisfies our hunger and taste buds but also very essential for our body. Food is considered as the fuel of our body. It is necessary to stay alive, it provides all the essential nutrients required for our body to function properly. Healthy food is the key to a healthy living. Different food items give us different nutritions so a proper balanced diet is very important for every individual.

Lakhs of poor people even more than that cry on streets for a single grain of rice, working hard day and night to feed their family. Many of them  die  due to starving and that’s enough to tell how important food is.

Food culture and eating habits

World is full of varieties of food. Food is not only an edible thing but a wide culture in itself. Different places in world have different food culture and habits. Different persons have different food choices, for example some people love pizza but some may hate it, some people love eating spicy food some are fond of sweets, some are non vegetarian and some are vegetarian.

Food is not limited to tasty items to eat, it has became a wide range of business and trend as we can see around increasing competition between restaurants. Now fashion is not limited to clothes and accessories, preparing fancy food is a thing now. We daily see pictures of fancy cakes and dessert on social media, so beautiful that you don’t want to ruin it by eating it.

People are fond of trying different types of food. Increasing demands of variety of food made easy access to almost all types of food on your doorstep. One can enjoy foods of different countries in their country itself.

Nowadays people are very much attracted to outside food like street food, food at fancy restaurants and cafes because variety of delicious food is easily available there but is that healthy? Is it hygienic? Day by day increasing habit of eating outside have an adverse effect on our health. Everyone loves to eat junk food which is full of fat and carbohydrate and excess of this is very unhealthy. It leads to obesity and many other diseases. Street foods are very unhygienic and can cause many diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid and many other.

Today’s generation is more tend to focus on junk and unhealthy food as compared to healthy food. A proper balanced diet is very for a healthy body but most of the time they avoid serving this to their plate which is definitely not a thing. One should need to develop a healthy food habit like eating healthy, a balanced diet and most important is hygiene for a healthy lifestyle.


Food is the most basic requirement of life just like air and water. Thousands of people die due to starving which tells the importance of food. It’s not only upto eating and satisfying your hunger but a healthy and balanced diet is necessary for our body to function properly. Food culture is very wide. Thousands of varieties are available according to our preference. Along with enjoying variety of dishes we should also focus on developing a healthy food habit or it will cause an adverse effect to our body like obesity and other diseases. Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy so a balanced diet along with hygiene is essential for that. So eat healthy and stay healthy.

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