Why do we pass gas?

Not only balloons but we humans too have gas inside! You might be wondering where does this gas inside our body come from?


Where does the gas inside us come from?

The air enters our body while we breathe and open our mouth for eating, talking but this gas constitutes very less amount of the total gas in our body. Now you might be wondering where does the rest of the gas comes from?

Dear student, you might have studied about the process of digestion where we eat food and get energy from it and the rest is excreted out through anus. In the same process of digestion our large intestine plays a very crucial role. Every organ contributes differently in the process of digestion, when this process reaches the large intestine the digestion is carried out with the help of good bacteria present there. These bacteria are present in infinite number and are in a symbiotic relationship with us; which means they feed on the food we eat and in return helps in the digestion of our food and its conversion to energy. The gas is released in this process, this gas contains- methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen but their quantity depends on the food we eat.

Passage of gas

Do you know, we pass gas about 20 times a day!

The gas passed through mouth is called ‘burp’ and the one passed through the anus is called ‘flatulence’. Sometimes it is embarrassing but this is a necessary and a natural process.

Food products like beans, cauliflower, dairy products, soft drinks more likely cause gas.

Usually, the gas passes easily but sometimes it becomes painful and gets accumulated in a certain part of a body this happens due to stale food or lack of physical activity.

Therefore, regular exercise and healthy food can help us to get rid of unnecessary gas and its accumulation.

Keep reading and stay healthy.

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