World’s Most Asked Questions: How Do I Grow a Beard?

How do I Grow a Beard?

Men with beards are always considered more attractive than the ones who does not have one. Growing voluminous beards have always been a hectic job or sometimes a herculean task for the patchy bearded ones. Starting from shaving, they try all ways just to have a Stylish Van Dyke or a bushy Shenandoah style. Beards are often associated with man’s virility, strength and even sexual prowess in some culture.

The growth of beard is a secondary sex characteristic of the males. Once they reach their puberty, the facial fairs tend to grow on them thickly forming moustache and beard. The growth of beard depends on various factors.

The factors on which the growth of beard depends on:

a) Testosterone: It a hormone found more in males than in females and it helps in promoting the secondary sex characteristics like growth of beard, increase in muscle and bone mass etc. But this hormone is not completely accountable for the growth of facial hair because according to a study conducted, the same level of testosterone was found in a man with less beard and in a man with more beard.

b) Genes: Genes play a vital role in the growth of a beard and its volume. The follicle in which a beard is growing could be affected due to some genetic variations. The sensitivity of the follicle might not respond to some of the chemicals produced. Just like in case of the type of different hair on different people, genes also decide the type of beard.


There are many misconceptions regarding growing a beard and the most believed one is that beards grow thicker after shaving. Shaving does not stimulate the growth of hair but rather after shaving, the tip of the hair (the narrow part), is cut of and as a result the hair looks more dense. This dense appearance is mistook as the growth of facial hair.

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