Why don’t polar bears eat penguins?


Polar bear:

  • The scientific name of polar bear is Ursus Maritimus.
  • Polar bear belongs to the hyper-carnivorous type of animal.
  • Hyper-carnivorous are those animals whose 70% of diet consist of meat, and the other remaining percent that is about 30% include non-animal diet.
  • Polar bear are said to be the native of Arctic Circle.
  • Arctic circle can include Arctic Ocean, lands surrounding Arctic Ocean along with surrounding seas.
  • Polar bear is said to be the largest extant bear species along with the tag of extant land carnivore [extant- still in existence/alive].


  • The scientific name of penguin is spheniscidae.
  • Penguins belongs to the class of Aves, and they are the flightless group of aquatic birds.
  • Penguins are said to spend half of their life on water and half of their life inside water, they feed on underwater species such as krill, fish, squid, etc.
  • Penguins are specifically found to live on just Southern Hemisphere of Earth with exception to just one species.
  • This exceptional species is known as Galapagos Penguin, and it is found to live in North of Equator.
  • Although all penguins are said to live in cold climate such as Antarctica, some penguins are found to live in temperate zone also.

Why don’t polar bears eat penguin?

  • The best possible answer to this question can be just given hypothetically.
  • Because there never has been co-existing of both the species together ever.
  • Polar bear and penguin both are found to live at two different poles, making it difficult for them to co-exist naturally.
  • The best possible reason to this question can be given as the reason of different habitat place.
  • However, if combined in the future, penguin can become a great snack for polar bears.

Fun Facts:

  1. There is one old joke regarding the reason why polar bear cant eat penguin, it states that polar bear cant get off the wrappings of penguins to eat them.
  2. Polar bear are black not white, they appear white because of the presence of its translucent fur which reflects visible light appearing white to us.
  3. Penguins are not afraid of human being, can be given a reason that they never had any land predator in Antarctica.

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  2. What are the characteristics of Penguin?
  3. Who all animals can hunt penguin?

True or False:

  1. Polar bear are omnivorous type of animal.
  2. Penguin eats fishes for its survival.
  3. Penguin belongs to the group of mammals.
  4. Polar bear belongs to the group of Aves.
  5. Polar bear spend almost all of their life in water only.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Spheniscidae is the scientific name of ______.
    1. Polar Bear.
    2. Penguin.
    3. Crocodile.
    4. All of the above.
  2. Galapagos penguin is found to live at __________.
    1. North Pole of Equator.
    2. South Pole of Equator.
    3. West Pole of Equator.
    4. East Pole of Equator.
  3. Polar bear are _________ type of animals.
    1. Carnivorous.
    2. Herbivorous.
    3. Omnivorous.
    4. Hyper-carnivorous.
  4. ________ are native to Arctic Circle.
    1. Polar Bear.
    2. Penguin.
    3. Snake.
    4. Eagle.
  5. Penguin belongs to the class of _______.
    1. Aves.
    2. Mammals.
    3. Annelida.
    4. Reptiles.

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