Why is it so hard to cure ALS?

ALS is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease which impacts the nervous system. This causes disturbance of mussels and harms the physical activities.

This is a disease where nerve cells break down and reduce the functionality in the mussels they supply.

They harm the motor neurons, where motor neurons are responsible for all voluntary mussels control in the body.

The main symptoms are the mussel’s weakness. And some medical therapy reduces the discomfort but there is no cure for this disease.

Why it is so hard to cure ALS?

When a person gets ALS then their motor neurons lose function and die. ALS is also proving stubborn.In pre-clinical studies contribute a small measure in this faculty but the chief reason for failure is inadequate knowledge of disease pathogenesis.

Most patients with ALS disease will succumb to the disease in three to four years. Currently, there is no effective therapy to halt or reverse the progression of the disorder.

ALS belongs to a wider group of disorders known as motor neuron disease. The main cause of ALS is the death of motor neurons.

As if now there is no cure or reverse to stop ALS. each person with ALS experience a different proportion of upper and lower neurons that die.

Not even researchers able to find how these cells die and that’s the part that makes ALS so hard to cure.

The defective immune cell may also play a role in killing motor neurons and ALS seems to change the performance of specific cells that provide support to neurons .they highlight the disease complexity and give us a fuller understanding of how it works.

There is no single medical test for it, however, the FDA-approved medication riluzole and edaravone have been shown to modestly slow the progression of ALS.

There are also many clinical trials being conducted worldwide that are yielding much important information on how to combat these diseases.

When motor neurons degenerate in ALS, their ability to transfer message is disturbed. Defective immune cells may also help to recover damaged neurons .this may increase the disease complexity but they give also the new drugs new stem cells and new gene therapies to slow the advisement of disease.

The ALS includes a very fundamental system in the body including the nerve System. ALS is now becoming the most important scientific and medical challenges.

There is no natural or any other cure for ALS and there are no complimentary ALS therapies that cure the disease as well. The possible causes of ALS include the charge of some of the body cells possibly killing nerve cells.

People with ALS often have higher levels of glutamate, a chemical messenger in the brain near the motor neuron. Due to the loss of motor neurons, the disease is not curable as it affects the main functioning of the motor neurons.

Most people with ALS die from respiratory failure, which occurs when people cannot get adequate oxygen from their lungs into their blood.

ALS person may lose the voice due to weakening of lungs muscles which affect the speech as well. Stephen Hawking is the legendry physicist who has invented much inventions and disorder that wears away at nerve and mussel function over time.

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