What is dust made of?


What is dust made of?

What comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word ‘dust’?

You might imagine some small brown dirt particles or the regular garbage that comes out of your houses every day.

You are not wrong but let us study a little bit more to be more accurate.

Let’s magnify dust

Dust is something more than dirt. It is a collection of things that can be easily found at your homes for example clothing fiber, human hair, dust mites, hair of your pets, soil particles, dead bugs and a lot more particles.

What does the dust reveal?

Dust is something you clean on a regular basis and doing so is a healthy practice too. But do you know dust from your home reveals about your lifestyle, food habits, the geology of your surroundings and even more?

Scientists too conduct studies and researches on dust particles from various places so as to discover more particles and organisms in them and to know more about its origin and relation with the existence of life.

Why should you be careful?

Even if you clean your home daily, few dust particles still exist and can easily reach inside your bodies especially the children as they put anything in their mouth unknowingly.

Therefore, cleaning your home and dusting regularly is always advised and is important in order to keep your surroundings and yourself healthy and hygienic.

Is there any dust around you? Go clean it before your mom scolds!

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