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The education system in India has developed and is developing with time. The past techniques are no longer much effective and leaving the requirements and education standards of kids halfway. Nowadays, kids learn more than what they used to and are able to memorize better than most.

In this edition, we have brought several ‘Word Sorting Activities’ which will help the kids sorts the words into different categories. These worksheets are more engaging and mind-provoking than any most medium of presenting guidance on the young kids.

Word Sorting Practice Worksheets

The first worksheet asks the kid to sort the given words into Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources. Before sorting the words, the kid needs to understand the concept of Energy Sources. The meaning is given in the sheet below. For example- Sunlight is a Renewable source of energy because the sun’s energy is most capitalized. While finding out the answers the child needs to understand why the words are being put into respective columns. These are the convenient way of making children learn by artistic and relevant play formats.

The second worksheet focuses on the “Nature of Waste” where the kid is asked to put the words into either Biodegradable waste or Non-Biodegradable. Before sorting the words, the child needs to understand the meaning of both concepts.

Biodegradable– These are the resources that can be taken back into the earth naturally and so as not to harm the ecosystem. For example- Rubber is biodegradable in nature.

Non-Biodegradable– These are those sources that can cause pollution in the environment.

These worksheets are necessary for the kid because sometimes learning seems like a burden, but these sheets feel like a fun exercise or even a recreation.

The third sheet asks the kid to sort the animals into Herbivores and Carnivores.

Herbivores Animals– Herbivores animals are those that mostly feed on plants. Herbivores vary from size to size, from tiny insects to large animals. Example- Goat.

Carnivores– These are those animals that mostly eat flesh. Carnivores animals are called predators. Example- Tiger.

With the power of worksheets, you can educate children on how to conceive better. Their philosophy builds up as they try to understand solutions and responses by themselves.

The fourth worksheet asks the kid to sort the words into natural and man-made resources. The meaning of Resources is given in the sheet below.

Natural–  These are resources that exist without any efforts of humans. For example- Forest.

Man-Made– Man-Made are those resources that are developed by the efforts of human beings. For example- Bus.

You can cover many interesting concepts at once with the help of these worksheets. The most enjoyable part is that the kids wouldn’t feel bored or dull after finishing these sheets.

The fifth and final worksheet asks the kid to sort the different animals into domestic and Wild.

Domestic– Domestic Animals are those which we see in our surroundings. For example- Dogs.

Wild– Wild Animals are those which are often found in Jungles, Forest, etc. For example- Lion.

Persuading the kids to do some interesting activities apart from Mobile devices and TV is a tough task for all the parents. But these worksheets are going to help the parents to control their child’s mind from the electronic devices to the worksheets.

While it is troublesome for the parents to make the kid sit and learn, these worksheets embrace the change for both. It allows the parents to let their kids get in some quality time, while also making them learn. So, download these free printable sheets now.

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