2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

Arranging and understanding different shapes give the children an opening to understand the various features of a shape, and can balance it with the different things they see in their daily lives. Studying 2D shapes is a fundamental aspect of prospective mathematics education. If children don’t understand the 2D concept, they will not be able to appreciate and realize what 3D shapes are and not be able to have control over other concepts.

In this edition, we have brought some fascinating worksheets relating to “2D SHAPE SORTING” for young energetic learners. Learning about 2D shapes is additionally significant for the determination of various things, as children who cannot realize the sizes of a triangle will not be able to measure it accurately.


2D Shape Sorting Practice Worksheet

The first sheet below asks the child to look at each 2D shape, and determine whether they are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, or Hexagons. Once they have recognized the shapes, they have to cut them out and paste them on the next worksheet. These worksheets will also help children learn new words like angle, vertex, sides, etc.

WORKSHEET 1 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

Once the child has understood the shapes of the objects given in the previous sheet, he needs to paste them into the different categories here. In extension to remain an important aspect of mathematics education, 2D shapes are necessary for creativity and development abilities.

WORKSHEET 2 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

The 2D Shapes are the heart of much new design and art education, and also a very good way for people to realize what different objects imply. Children, while working on these worksheets need to stay attentive, and do not lose concentration.

WORKSHEET 3 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

 Children who cannot connect with the 2D shapes in this worksheet might have a hard time solving it. The parents and teachers need to stick with them as these are some of the important concepts in their mathematics journey.

WORKSHEET 4 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

The 2D shapes are those aspects that can only be estimated by length and breadth; they have no base. Customarily, they are photos given in the worksheet below and the children can realize the measurement of the different objects.

WORKSHEET 5 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

To learn to distinguish different shapes, children must see patterns of them. Unmixed pictures of each 2D shape and reading the name of the shape will prove to be beneficial for the children so that they can actually understand them.

WORKSHEET 6 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

Teachers and parents should consult with the children about the properties and features of every shape, including the different sides the shape has, whether all the edges and vertex are accurate or rounded or not.

WORKSHEET 7 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

Children can inaugurate by studying the shapes that are most apparent to identify, like the circle, triangle, and rectangle. Subsequently, they can move on to different shapes like Square and Hexagons. Which will become a great learning curve for them.

WORKSHEET 8 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

After the children have understood the concept of the 2D shapes, they should develop skills to thicken their knowledge. The children should look for the 2D shapes around them, and then create them by using their information and understanding.

WORKSHEET 9 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

This is the tenth and last worksheet of our session. From an immature stage, the children discern several shapes even if they don’t yet know their names. It takes long-drawn time for young kids to understand the particular characteristics of each shape. And these sheets will definitely help them understand.

WORKSHEET 10 2D Shape Sorting Worksheet

So, download these free printable sheets now.

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