All About Phonics that Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Phonics is basically a technique which helps a kid to learn how to pronounce a single letter and slowly how to pronounce a full word. Teachers speaks each letter and words along with examples and the kids speak along. It is not a new concept but innovation is always there in ways of teaching. Parents also uses these techniques but they are not familiar to the name called Phonics.

When a kids starts to mumble words, parents speaks simple words like papa or mumma, because of which the kid listens and tries to copy their parents. Kids have a nature to copy their parents, if we take example of present, mostly people are engaged in using mobile phones due to which kids are also attracted towards phone.

A parent is the first role model of their kids, they follow what their parents do,to become like them. Similarly, Phonics is the technique in which a teacher or parent speaks simple words so that the kid will speak these words.


Tips on Phonics for Teachers

  1. A teacher needs to be patient and soft while teaching phonics. As kids are very sensitive and innocent from heart. Phonics requires proper time so that the kid is able to speak along with the teacher.
  2. Phonics can be easily understand with the help of charts and diagrams along with a good presentation by the teacher. They can repeat each letter or twice and make kids repeat after them.
  3. Speaking the letters and words correctly requires practice. Teacher can take example which are most familiar to the child like calling parents, then they can take the examples are per the likes of the kids, like kids are fond of toys, chocolates, ice-cream and games.
  4. Phonics can be teach by playing games like joining the single letters one by one and making a word, first calling each letter one by one then calling the whole word together.
  5. Teachers need to be interactive and familiar with the kids so that they have a feeling of belonging and if any kid has a problems in phonics or speaking of the letter, teachers should encourage and motivate them to speak.
  6. Phonics requires a particular time and pattern which a teacher should know, the level of kids should match with the level of teaching,so that they are able to understand each and every thing.
  7. A teacher should be attentive and active towards each kid. Every child requires an own place and time as they loose interest very fast and they should be entertained while learning. A teacher is the second guardian of the child after their parents.

Tips on Phonics for Parents

  1. A parent should interact with their child and speak easy words to him or her. Kids catch values, nature and words from their parents.
  2. Parents are the guardian of their kid. Kid enjoys their company and learns fast with someone who is in relations.
  3. They should guide their child to speak the word slowly and easily even if they are not able to, repeat those words in front of them.
  4. Parents should help them practicing what they have learned from the teachers.
  5. They can read books, stories and rhymes while bed time.
  6. Parents can take help of YouTube for watching videos and poems and sing along them, it will help in the kid to learn as well as enjoy.

Activities for Phonics

1. Identifying the letter with their sounds

Teacher and parents can perform this activity .It includes placing of the letter in front of the kid and asking him or her to spell the sound of the letter, after this they can go for words made up of 2 letters then 3 letters and in last 4 letter.

2. Memory Game

In this activity we can give a single word by breaking it in letters. We will show each letter to the kid one by one and ask him or her to remember the letters and in last joining these letters to make a word. We should take the words as per the level of kids, as burden can harm them, so we can use easy and simple words with whom they are familiar.

3. Matching the words with their photos

In this activity we can show the kids a photo and word, for example, a photo of sun along with a photo of the word sun. We can take different types of words and pictures and jumble them, then the kid will have to recognize the photo and the word accordingly. This activity will also increase the memory and skills of the kid.

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