Alphabet A – Z Picture Mats Worksheet

A flashcard is also known as an index card is a card that bears information on both sides of the card. Flashcards are intended to be used as assistance which helps in memorization. Flashcards are based on the testing method which says, long-term memory is increased when we dedicate proper time on that topic testing it. This repeatedly testing and retrieving the answer helps in memorizing the topic easily


What do these flashcards include?

Putting it simply, a flashcard can be referred to as a piece of card that has a hint or question on its front side, and the corresponding answer to that question on the backside of the flashcard. Flashcards are one of the best practices to revise and memorize concepts easily. These are mostly used to memorize formulae, important dates, or develop vocabulary. Flashcards are scientifically proven to increase the learning curve by a significant amount. We have taken advantage of that learning principle and implemented the same in these flashcards.

You’ll Learn:

These flashcards include English alphabets. It would make learning English alphabets a total piece of cake for you. These flashcards include pictures of different objects with names starting with different alphabets. If you use these flashcards to revise the name of the objects with alphabets, it will help you to learn them faster and with less effort.

Instructions to use these Flashcards

Properly using these flashcards will help you to learn all the English alphabets and words connected with them with the least effort you can give. We can give you a few tips that you can put to use to increase the efficiency of these flashcards. Flashcards are most productive when used regularly. You can use them regularly for a period of time until you are in the best possible position with the concepts then revise the concepts later when needed with these flashcards.

You can also use the Leitner system. In the Leitner system, cards are leveled in numbers just like in a game. When correctly answered you are advanced to the next level, while if incorrectly answered you will return to the first level card and this process of using the flashcard is used in repetition. In the Leitner system, it might be that you need to put in more hours of work, but these hours don’t go in vain, instead, this is referred to as the most useful way to learn new concepts. We will suggest you give the Leitner system a try and we can guarantee you that the results will speak for themselves.

Use these flashcards regularly. Pick any one of the given 26 flashcards then try to remember as many objects related to that particular alphabet then once you are finished with the objects turn the flashcard and see what are the objects that you missed. Like this continue the process for each and every letter.

Alphabet A – Z Picture Mats Worksheet



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