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Animal kingdom is large, majestic, and beautiful. Scientists estimate that among the 8.7 million species in the world, 1-2 Millon are animals.  It is thus essential to get your toddler acquainted with the creatures that make such a huge amount of the world’s population.

Flashcards are an efficient way of introducing them to these creatures. These are visually appealing and will help your toddlers learn their names and associate them with their images. Flashcards present information in a way that’s easier for them to retain. Thus, we bring to you these flashcards for your toddlers to understand the majestic animal kingdom.


Animals Flashcards for Kids

Since the animal kingdom is huge these flashcards are specifically designed to introduce your toddlers to the most common and beautiful animals around us:

  1. Fish-   Fish are aquatic animals. They live underwater and unlike animals who live on land, they use gills to breathe.
  2. Birds- Birds are beautiful creatures that range in color, size, and strength. There are approximately 10,000 different species of birds. They are characterized by their feathers and beak.
  3. Flamingo- Flamingos are tall, reddish-pink birds with long skinny legs. An interesting fact about Flamingos is that they aren’t born pink instead they are white or grey and turn pink with time.
  4. Hamster- Hamsters belong to the species of rodents. They have a short body with small fluffy ears and wide feet.
  5. Turtle- Turtles are reptiles with hard shells. Their bodies are enclosed in the shell to protect them from predators.
  6. Deer-  Deers are grazing mammals with bony antlers. Their antlers make them vulnerable to hunters and thus deers are one of the several endangered species.
  7. Elephants- Elephants are the largest mammals to roam on land. They have distinctly long teeth or tusks and long noses or tusks.
  8. Rabbits- Rabbits are fluffy small mammals. They live in burrows. Male rabbits are called bucks while female rabbits are called does.

9.Chick- Chick or Chickens are domestic chickens. Generally, the term ‘chick’ is used to refer to a newly hatched chicken but it can also use to refer to the young of any bird.

10.Butterly- The butterfly is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing creatures. These are colorful and vibrant insects with wings that are covered with scales that reflect lights of different colors.

11.Owl- Owls are nocturnal birds with flexible necks that can rotate 270 degrees. A group of owls is called a parliament.

12.Dog- A dog is one of the most desired animals as a pet. It is known for its loyalty and often considered as man’s best friend.

13.Bee- Bees are busy creatures. These are insects with wings. The most commonly known bees are honey bees who collect nectars from flowers and produce honey.

14.Yak – Yaks are large domesticated wild ox with humped shoulders and large horns.

15.Chameleon- Chameleons are fascinating creatures known for their color-shifting ability. It can change the colors of their skin to match the color of the environment.

16.Hedgehog- Hedgehogs are mammals with a coat of stiff sharp spines. If attacked they curl into a prickly ball to protect themselves.

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Animals Flashcards for Kids- 3

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Animals Flashcards for Kids- 4

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Animals Flashcards for Kids- 5

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Animals Flashcards for Kids- 6

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Animals Flashcards for Kids- 7

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Animals Flashcards for Kids- 8

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These flashcards will help you introduce your toddlers to the beautiful and fascinating world of animals. You can always make learning a fun activity by introducing games and rewarding your kid when he gets it right. Flashcards are key to visual learning.

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