Why do some animals have long necks?

Why do some animals have long necks

Some animals have long necks to help them reach food sources that are otherwise inaccessible, such as leaves high up in trees for giraffes or to spot predators from a distance. This adaptation helps them survive in their specific environments.



1. What advantage does a long neck give to a flamingo when feeding?

A) Helps it breathe underwater
B) Allows it to reach food in deep water without swimming
C) Makes it easier to fly
D) Scares away predators


2. Which of the following animals also has a long neck to help it get food?

A) Elephant
B) Ostrich
C) Squirrel
D) Turtle


3. Why might having a long neck be a disadvantage for some animals?

A) It makes it harder to find food.
B) It can make it easier for predators to catch them.
C) It means they can only live in the desert.
D) It makes them too tall to enter forests.


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