Why do some animals have wings?

Why do some animals have wings

Wings are primarily evolved for flight, allowing animals to travel through the air.



1. Besides flying, what is another use of wings in animals?

A. Digging
B. Singing
C. Swimming
D. Sunbathing

2. Can the presence of wings in animals serve a purpose other than physical movement?

A. No, wings are solely for movement
B. Yes, wings can be used for communication
C. Yes, wings are mainly for attracting mates
D. Yes, but only in birds

3. Which of the following animals is known to use its wings for purposes other than flight?

A. Sharks
B. Frogs
C. Penguins
D. Cheetahs

4. Are wings exclusively present in birds?

A. Yes, only birds have wings
B. No, insects also have wings
C. No, mammals can have wings too
D. No, wings are found in birds, insects, and some mammals

5. How do wings contribute to an animal’s survival in their habitat?

A. By allowing them to escape predators
B. By enabling them to reach food sources
C. By helping them find and attract mates
D. All of the above


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