Are food preservatives bad for you?

We all know that the food turns out into inedible after few days or after even few hours. This is the condition which requires the addition of substances which are called as preservatives. These are substances that increase the shelf life of the food.

For example, the apples turn into brown color after few days and there is formation of moulds over the bread. The common reasons for the spoiling of the food is classified into two namely microorganisms and oxidation reaction. In action of microorganisms, the food gets degarded and becomes spoiled and this contaminated food causes increase in health problems such as food poisoning in the person.

The oxidation reaction causes foods to become rancid and decrease in taste of the food. The foods thus require the preservatives inorder to prevent the food spoilage. But the major question is whether the use of food preservatives are good for the body.

The answer lies in the amount of use of preservatives in the food and also the various remedies such as addition of vinegar to make the food even more acidic can reduce the amount of growth of microorganisms in the food. Various acids such as ascorbic acid and citric acid are added to the food so that the color as well as the taste is maintained for a longer time.

The addition of food preservatives such as sulphites which have both anti microbial properties as well as anti oxidant properties helps in preserving the food. The food is maintained for a longer duration of time with the help of sulphites but these cause increase in health problems inside the person.

But some of the food preservation techniques such as addition of extra salt to meat and sugar in jams can increase the risk of getting diabetes and also for increase chances of getting high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Since, the amount of preservatives which are used is less in amount when compared to the food so they are considered to be completely safe for the use.

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