Best Preschool and Childcare in Antioch (USA)

Are you looking for preschools and child care in Antioch? You have come to the right place. So here are the few preschools schools that give the best education and care to your child.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Antioch (USA)

1. Vicky’s daycare

Vicky’s daycare is one of the most trusted preschools in Antioch, CA. They offer services for children of 0 to 10 years old. Their classes include arts, craft lessons, preschool classes, skills exercises, and many more. They provide very convenient and flexible hours. The classrooms here are very spacious and have plenty of indoor and outdoor games for the child to play.

They provide good services at a very affordable price. They treat every kid as their family and they have a very caring environment where your child will love to go to school. They will decorate their classrooms for kids. They even teach toddlers how to walk, eat, and many more. Their services include Family daycare, child care, Crafts and arts, basic exercises, skill classes, fine movement, etc. They always provide the best to your kids and help them to grow.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 925-778-8888
  • Address- 2300 Mahogany Way, Antioch, CA 94509, United States

2. Lone tree way KinderCare

Lone tree way KinderCare has a welcoming environment that will be more of a supportive place for your child to learn. Their programs include infant program(6 weeks – 1 year), Toddler programs(1-2 years), discover preschool programs(2-3 years), pre-kindergarten programs(4-5 years), Before and after school(5-12 years), school break programs. Their enrichment programs include a cooking academy and phonics adventure.

They always select teachers based on their natural talent and they are good listeners and smile-makers. The toddler classrooms are very big and are designed to help children and their needs and for other kids the classrooms are small which focuses on individual learning where the staff provides one-to-one attention. They will help children to increase the socio-emotional skills that will be helpful for them in society. They always make sure that your children are safe and they pay attention to every one of them.

  • Contact- +1 925-754-1236
  • Address-  4108 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531, United States

3. The child day schools

Started in 1976 “The Child day schools” have been providing a caring and supportive community for children and their families. They have a very unique curriculum that increases children’s excitement for learning. Their program follows the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s(NAEYC’S) Accreditation Standards. They have a very low teacher-child ratio which in turn helps the child to get more attention and learn more. Teachers are very well trained and support your children.

They offer programs to preschoolers (Twos and threes), pre-kindergarten, Jr-Kindergartens, and toddlers. They always provide creative activities to children which increases their reading, writing, social skills, and creativity. They have very well-structured programs and well-qualified teachers which in turn becomes a good school. They always give children small group activities and always include them in music and other extracurricular activities.

They always arrange field trips for younger children which will include many events and they never fail to explore healthy foods, games, arts, crafts, and nature. For special events like Halloween parades, Thanksgiving programs, Holiday parties they invite parents and indulge them to participate in these programs.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 925-754-0144
  • Address-  112 E Tregallas Rd, Antioch, CA 94509, United States

4. East Antioch KinderCare

East Antioch KinderCare is located near wild Horse Road. Their curriculum mainly focuses on physical activities, early academics, socio-emotional learning, and growing minds. They provide programs to children from 6 weeks to 12 years. Their enrichment programs include a cooking academy, music explorers, phonic adventures, and dance. Their curriculum enriches children’s excitement and curiosity in learning.

Their classrooms are very child-friendly and they have industry-leading health and safety measures. They provide dedicated classrooms for different ages. This KinderCare has a very good and caring staff. They always go the extra mile to fix any problems of your children and they are amazing listeners and nurturers. They provide fresh snacks and meals every day, which will be nutritious and tasty which your child will love. 

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 925-754-3137
  • Address-  4308 Folsom Dr, Antioch, CA 94531, United States

5. The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience is a magical place that is built to make a child’s experience more fun and comforting. They have a program called as Learning Experience Academic Program in which they encourage children to do things in their way. The activities they give will help your child to explore more and solve problems. They provide programs to infants, toddlers, twaddlers(2 to 2 ½ years old), preppers(2 ½ to 3 years olds), preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

They teach your child in a very different way by creating different characters called BUBBLES. The characters are Grace, Flex, Listen, Phoebe, Two plus Toucan, Penny, and many more. Now they have about 90 characters that teachers your child to learn, to have an active and healthy lifestyle, science, joy of math, and many more good things. They always include playing, music and dancing in the curriculum and encourage outdoor games that help children to get fresh air and sunshine.

  • Website-
  • Contact-  +1 925-281-7640
  • Address- 4831 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531, United States

6. Pearlite Montessori House of children

Pearlite Montessori House of Children provides a safe and secure environment for kids to learn. They will give special attention to every child at learning social and physical skills. The staffs are very caring here and give age-appropriate activities to kids to strengthen their knowledge. They always encourage lids to finish homework and assignments given. They make them independent and ready for kindergartens. 

They use tools like puzzles and games, arts and crafts, music and pre-reading, and many more. They also teach the students about the importance of manners and moral values. They have a very safe environment where children feel safe and comfortable. Classrooms are very spacious which fulfills every requirement of a child. 

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 925-755-8807
  • Address- 2409 Pearlite Way, Antioch, CA 94531, United States

7. Imagination Academy Preschool

Started in 2017, “Imagination Academy Preschool” is a great start for learning. They help your child in economical, social, and personal development. It is very affordable childcare that includes trained and committed staff. They offer programs from 2 years to 6 years old. They encourage children to communicate with children of their age which enhances their communication skills. They truly care about the child’s best interest.

They maintain a very low student-teacher ratio that helps their staff to provide one-to-one attention to your kids. Their special programs include extended day programs, full-day kindergarten, and Spanish language instruction. This preschool provides all-around child development. They have very spacious classrooms which is a bright and caring environment and have about 4 classrooms. Meals and snacks are provided daily which will be healthy and nutritious.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 925-754-6771
  • Address- 2032 Hillcrest Ave, Antioch, CA 94509, United States

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