Best Preschool and Childcare in Arlington (USA)

Preschools teach children “pre-skills” that are the foundation for their future. By playing, singing, learning children gain skills that help them to read, write and build their skills. If you are looking for preschools that provide the best early literacy with a fun and loving environment you have come to the right place. We have listed the best preschools that provide everything your child needs and help your child grow. So here are  the Best preschool and Childcare in Arlington (USA):


Best Preschool and Childcare in Arlington (USA)

1. Sparkles! Child Care Centers at Crystal City

Started in 1991 Sparkles has been committed in supporting children and their families to help the community.  They provide a safe, loving, and stimulating environment for children. They are fully accredited and have a trusted name in childhood development. They use developmentally appropriate practices to provide high-quality educational services and prepare children for school and help them to become life-long learners.

Here educators are selected for their experience and they have a creative curriculum that is a proven, research-based set of resources. Their study units support the STEM approach of learning which promotes team-building skills, problem-solving, and enabling learning in very exciting ways. They also teach values like honesty, respect for all living things, and wisdom which help children to love themselves and they can develop the strength of character to make good decisions.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 571-312-1052
  • Address- 1235 S Clark St, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

2. Little Ambassadors Academy

Little Ambassadors Academy provides a safe, nurturing, and creative environment for children and they celebrate the individuality of each child. They believe that children learn best through discovery and they are dedicated to build a solid foundation for children’s lifelong learning. They have a balanced program that is needed for positive early childhood development and they create well-rounded students by developing their personal growth and gross motor development.

They have a very low teacher turnover ratio and amazing staff they are dedicated to providing early education. They provide programs to early learners(2-3 years), Preschool(3-4 years), and Pre-K(4-5 years). Their enrichment activities include learning Spanish, science, technology, music, library, and healthy living. Students will always be engaged in social activities that involve social interaction.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 571-335-4493
  • Address- 5232 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

3. Busy Bee Daycare

Busy Bee offers daily education and their programs make the learning experience fun. Their curriculum includes creative arts, music, yoga, language development, and many more. Teachers communicate daily with parents about their child’s learning and progress. They have an open-door policy where parents are welcomed anytime and the teachers also encourage parents to take part in Busy Bee center activities.

Letters are sent to parents monthly including the information about children’s activities and notes. Healthy foods are served. Fresh fruits, cereal, milk, juices are provided for a snack. Teachers are very caring, experienced and they always include special programs in their curriculum. They mainly focus on learning through play.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 703-920-8633
  • Address-  913 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22206, United States

4. Little Beginnings Child Development

Little beginnings child development has been providing early learning for students and their families since 1986. They are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Arlington country. They have a play-based curriculum and they believe that children learn best when they have the opportunity to practice their intellectual and social skills.

Teachers plan the activities based on children’s interests and passion. Children tend to learn best when their interests are captured. Children’s classes are named very in a very fun and creative way like Koala bears(infants), Brown bears(Young toddlers), Sun bears( Toddlers & Young 25), Polar bears(Older 25), Panda bears( 3-4 years), Grizzly bears(4-5 years/pre-k).

The teacher-child ratio is very low. They always engage students by utilizing their interests, encourages curiosity, foster the love of learning, and teach problem-solving.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 703-527-9270
  • Address- 606 N Irving St, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

5. Children’s House Montessori

Started in 2000 Children’s House Montessori offers a loving environment, nurturing which respects each child’s individual development and encourage students to have confidence and inspire them. They offer programs to 2 – 5-year-old both full and half-day programs. Children learn independent lessons and complete the works that keep them engaged. They learn skills like phonics and spoken language through singing and socialization.

They believe in preparing children for preschool and kindergartens. Children get a strong academic foundation in reading, writing, math, geography, and science. They have summer camps that focus on creating a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 703-276-1360
  • Address- 2425 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22207, United States

6. Bright Horizons at Courthouse Station

Children’s House Montessori inspire learning, encourage confidence and nurture child’s growth and development. They have a curriculum called World at their fingertips that features an arts program that sparks creativity, a language program that increases interest in learning, and science that stimulates creativity. They offer convenient schedules for parents. Child safety is their top priority and they have enhanced, industry-leading COVID-19 protocols which are informed by experts.

Their curriculum meets children’s needs developmentally that builds confidence about learning at every age and stage. All the teachers are experienced and dedicated who have all certification requirements. Their classrooms consist of high-quality materials and they carefully choose everything to create a rich environment for children that includes open-ended experiences and inspires learning.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 703-647-1180
  • Address- 1300 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209, United States

7. Children’s International School

Started in 1985 “Children’s International School” has been providing a responsive, caring, nurturing, and enriching environment for children and their families. They include different learning strategies with their curriculum and their staff is committed to the early childhood profession. They have qualified teachers who are committed to the access needs of each child.

They combine and implement various curricula which include the creative curriculum and Reggio Emilia Curriculum. Reggio Emilia curriculum is one of the best preschool programs and it recognizes that parents are children’s first teachers and they emphasize strong parent/teacher partnership in all aspects of a program. The overall curriculum is filled with creativity, multiculturalism. They follow a “learning through play” curriculum which helps children to understand things in a better way.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 703-527-3607
  • Address- 1227 N Scott St, Arlington, VA 22209, United States

8. Ana’s Kids

Ana’s Kids provides a play-based curriculum for infants and toddlers, they have over 26 years of experience in this field. They are a small center and their classroom sizes are small, which helps children to get personal attention from teachers. They provide programs to older toddlers(2-3 years old), pre-kindergarten, and junior kindergarten(3-5 years old). They provide a healthy learning environment for the movement, communication, and exploration.

Their curriculum is planned with thematic units. Children learn math, science, vocabulary, and social skills. They also introduce kids to a new language, Spanish where basic vocabularies are introduced through games, crafts, singing, and many more.

  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 571-970-1054
  • Address- 2201 S Fern St, Arlington, VA 22202, United States

So these are the best preschools and childcare that are often organized and their approach to learning is through play. Children always learn through fun games and research shows that early literacy and maths skills help a child in future school achievement. These preschools have a different approach to learning they indulge students in all activities and keep them active throughout the day. These are very well-rated schools on the internet. So many parents have loved them. So now it’s your turn to find the right preschool for your child.

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