Best Preschool and Childcare in Washington (USA)

Every person has a different perspective towards the early education and upbringing of a child. Children continue to develop their minds in various ways- socially, physically, and emotionally. Parents and teachers have to support them in every way. Physical development is when a child starts to move his arms, legs and starts to do various things- jumping, landing, running, and much more. It is the responsibility of parents to make their physical growth the best in every way.

Social development helps children to communicate with each other by playing, learning, self-control, and respect others. They need help for their social and physical development from their elders and educators. Communication and language development supports a child to walk with the world and to understand the world through talking, reading, writing, and communication. All the skills are connected for the best growth of a child and his emotions and development of minds.

Preschool and childcare is the best solution for the test education and upbringing of a working parent-child.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today- Stacia Tauscher

Some key points parents should check before enrolling their child in any PreSchool-

1. Preschools providing unique and attractive materials for play activities.
2. First aid and CPR facilities.
3. Safety facilities.
4. Nutritious and healthy food.

Early education discovers- what children want in their life and what they want to become in their life, in which field they have their interest. Teachers and staff members teach them to have a balance between social and educational life. Date teaches children to be humble, kind, lovable, and good human beings. Preschool and daycare school teachers oversee students and encourage them to focus on every field of learning.

Are you living and searching for the best Preschool and Childcare in Washington (USA); let us have a look at the list-


Best Preschool and Childcare in Washington (USA)

1. Annie Wright Schools

It is started in 1884 and is situated in the beautiful North End neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington. It has an indoor pool, Science and Technology labs, theatre, play area, music studios, art studios, and some Open Spaces. It is open for students from age three- high school students. The school has memberships of-

  • National Coalition of Girls.
  • National Association of independent schools
  • International boys School
  • Educational records bureau, and also has summer camps facilities.

It costs $19,000/year.

  • Location-827 N Tacoma AveTacoma, WA 98403
  • Contact-(253) 272-2216

2. The Bear Creek School

It was established in 1888 and is situated in Redmond, Washington (USA). 45 to 70 students graduate every year from The Bear Creek School. The teacher support students in thinking, learning, exploring, question-answer about various things, and creativity. The teachers teach us to believe in God, love every person whether, a human being or animal. The school was selected for an award in 2014 and got the Blue Ribbon School award. It has 862 students studying there and is a co-ed type School, and has 74 classroom teachers. The School has advanced courses, like Spanish, United States history, statistics, Latin music theory, Biology calculus, Chemistry, English language, and European history. It costs $22975/year.

  • Location- 8905 208th Avenue NERedmond, WA 98053
  • Contact-(425) 898- 1720

3. Charles Wright Academy

It was founded in 1957 and has the facilities and resources for the students of Lower school, Middle school, and upper school and servicing more than 600 students from ages 3-12 grade. All three schools are situated on wooded 107-acre land. It is a peaceful, respectful, loving, supportive, and encouraging institute. It has various programs like art, music, science, language, and sports programs. It costs $27,590/year and has acceptance rate of 75%.

  • Location- 7723 Chambers Creek Rd W University Place University Place, WA 98467
  • Contact-(253) 620- 8373

4. Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic School

It was founded in 1956 and is situated in Vancouver, Washington. The institute prepares students excellently for high school and has more than 180 students. It is a co-ed type educational institute and has the acceptance of 70%. The teachers built students strong for the spiritual, academic, social, physical, and aesthetic values. It won the Blue Ribbon School award in the year 2000 and 2001 and is quite acceptable among the parents of Washington. The school costs $8543/year.

  • Location-  4701 NW Franklin Street Vancouver, WA 98633
  • Contact-(360) 696- 2301

The list has been taken with various research from multiple websites and reviews of parents. Go check this out.

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