Best Preschool and Childcare in Augusta (USA)

Augusta, a beautiful city with beautiful people, but are you worried about your child’s future and want them to send in the best preschool or childcare in Augusta? Then you are the correct place because here given a list of the best preschools and childcare in Augusta which will tell you all about their infrastructure, curriculum, activities, programs, facilities, and faculties, so go through it thoroughly for making your child’s future brighter.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Augusta (USA)

1. Open Door Preschool

This is a preschool whose main aim is to make children a great explorer and even sharper. The environment is created in such a sense that the children of ages can learn and grasp it easily, or in case if they have any questions and queries they can directly contact their teachers, as teachers of this preschool is so supportive and for them each and every child is equal.

The preschool is having experienced teachers so that the children can get proper care and those experienced teachers have every knowledge of how to handle the children, how to handle their swing moods, and proper teaching from starting with daily routines like how to brush your teeth, how to dress up properly, how to talk to your parents, what you should say before taking something any many more like this, this makes this preschool best in Augusta.

  • Location- 3185 Wheeler Rd Augusta, GA 30909
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 738-4448

2. The Bee Hive Preschool

This preschool’s main mission is to provide the best early education to children so that they can nurture properly in a healthy environment and can fulfill all their needs in the future. The teachers of this preschool are certified and are trained for almost one year before giving them the responsibility of children so the children will not have any problem and they can play and learn happily. The teachers use to create an environment which is having beautiful themes that help to attract children more and help teachers to take attention of children so they can teach them properly with all their knowledge.

The classrooms have neat and clean desks where there is no chance of children getting affected by any dust particles or bacteria which will affect their health. The playground of this preschool is big enough for children to play in and also they have planted many small trees which grow like children day by day and this helps teachers to tell children about how important our environment is, all these contributions of teachers make this preschool best in Augusta.

  • Location- 1116 Furys Ferry Rd Evans, GA 30809
  • Website-
  • Contact- The Bee Hive Preschool

3. Childcare Network

This is the best daycare in Augusta because here the best priority is small children and their health because this daycare is working because of children only so children’s are the first priority of the daycare. The teachers use to create the curriculum by discussing with each other and then divide it for different aged children because they know each and every child is uniques in his/her own way and has differences, keeping this in mind, teachers prepare the programs that help children develop holistically.

This daycare is situated at a very beautiful place with gardens and fresh farms all around through which there is no chance of any polluted air to enter and to the children can play happily in the playground which is having big sea saw, swings, slides and many more. This daycare used to provide time to time snacks to children so that they can be energetic the whole day and can feel fresh and enthusiastic.

  • Location- 2131 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA 30904
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 733-4913

4. Cornerstone Academy

This is childcare of all different aged children but is educated with different knowledge with increasing levels. This childcare is having neat and clean classrooms and classrooms are separated for each of the activities like playing with tent, so fir this they have a different room, playing with train sets, for this they have a different room, playing bricks joining the game, for this they have a separate room, so like this, the children are provided with all facilities.

The childcare is having certified teachers which are experts in taking care of children and how to handle them. The children have been provided with snacks daily because a full stomach always means happy mind and soul, so the time is fixed and every child get as much as they want and they use to eat it together in a group which encourages each of them to talk to each other and to establish self-confidence in them. This childcare is also the best one in Augusta.

  • Location- 118 Old Evans Rd Martinez, GA 30907
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 814-7198

5. Wilson Family YMCA

This happy private childcare is having more teachers to maintain the ratio of teachers for children because they have divided the children onto the group of 7-9 children in each group so that the teacher can able to pay attention in each of them. The teachers are so supportive to not only children but their parents also as they provide monthly report cards of children to their parents and also they use to keep parents-teacher meeting every month for proper interactions with parent and to know more of what their child wants and on which type of activities their child is having keen interest.

The teachers are well educated and they educate children with dun because they know that fun is the only way to teach children so that they can learn the things easily and without fun and direct teaching becomes so boring that neither children use to get interested and nor they are having internet in listening. This is the best private childcare in Augusta.

  • Location- 3570 Wheeler Rd Augusta, GA 30909
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 922-9625

6. Prince of Peace Preschool

This is a preschool of exploration because they use to follow a unique schedule timetable that has many activities and learning in it which also help children to develop not only educationally but also socially and academically. This preschool is having different sizes of trees and plants which are used by the teachers for explaining to children about their growth, color, size, and shapes, also use to teach children about the importance of the environment and the importance of planting trees.

This preschool is having proper theme-based classrooms decorations and in doing so they use to take help with children so that the children can apply their minds and can make new and unique things from papercraft and origami which will help them to think and to explore their thinkings. This preschool is best in Augusta because it takes proper attention and care of children.

  • Location- 3703 River Watch Pkwy Martinez, GA 30907
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 860-1655

7. Helping Hands Learning Center

This childcare is having the best infrastructure designed in their building which is not having a single-pointed corner which can hurt the child or having nothing like this which can even harm the children because they use to keep proper cleanliness and hygiene in the corridors and childcare premises. The childcare is having facilities of first aid, an emergency room, a childcare doctor, and different classrooms for playing with sanitized toys and materials.

The teachers are always present all day and they try to create a bonding with children which is like their friends so even a child is having a single problem they can share it with any teacher and can feel relaxed after getting the solution. This childcare is also the best in Augusta because they have proper working technologies too that help children not only learn normal studies but also to know about what the world is going through.

  • Location- 2115 Windsor Spring Rd Ste 24 Augusta, GA 30906
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 748-7599

8. Augusta Preparatory Day School

This is a preschool of a beautiful environment with different flower plants so that teachers can explain to children about the different colors and by seeing everyone use to grasp things easily similar children also use to remember it for a lifetime. This preschool is having the best playing materials like tent houses, plastic houses, horse riders, tricycles, and many more which keeps children indulged in playing and learning how to create tent houses or how to ride tricycles, and many more.

The environment provided is nurturing one where your child will nurture with good early education and training which will help them throughout their life and will keep them happy always as it will bring them self-confidence and generate the eagerness of exploration and learnings.

  • Location- 285 Flowing Wells Rd Martinez, GA 30907
  • Website-
  • Contact- (706) 863-1906

This was all about the best preschools and childcare in Augusta which will help you to send your child to the safest and best early education place where they can explore their thinking and can learn new things. You can directly contact them through the given contact details and can book a tour of them.

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