Best Preschool and Childcare in Billings (USA)

Billings- a beautiful city in the USA, are you also a resident of Billings? And are you searching for the best preschools and childcare in Billings? Then you are in the right place! here is a list is given below about the best preschools and childcare in Billings which will help you or your relative to find the best childcare and preschool for your beloved tiny-tiny kids.

All the information is given below about every preschool and childcare, you just have to call them for further details and you can also book a tour for viewing the infrastructure and all the things which you are expecting for your child.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Billings (USA)

1. Log Cabin Day Care School

The school provides home-based childcare to all the children. The curriculum seeks to provide high-quality early learning, nurturing environment, safe, and fun learning. The teachers are certified and are keen on providing the best and good education to the children. The environment created is safe,  secure, and healthy for the children.

This is one of the best in Billings as they provide full guidance and good habits to the children. The curriculum is made by full observing the children interest and not keeping those activities in the curriculum which make them feel bored. The other activities help the children to become self-confident and independent.

  • Location- 2330 Rehberg Ln, Billings, MT 59102, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact-  +1 406-652-1704

2. Cradles To Crayons

This is licensed child care who takes care of tiny tods aged 6 months to 6 years. The age of every child differs so they make an age group for every aged child to make them feel comfortable on the premises of the childcare. The teachers of the daycare dedicate themselves to providing all support and nurturing environment to the children to help children reach their full potential. The childcare ensures to provide all the best classrooms to children filled with light colors to make them feel happy and various types of toys are provided to them for playing.

Along with playing and fun, the teacher gives the best quality early education to the children and helps them to develop mentally, physically, socially, intellectually, and cognitively. The teachers are CPR certified and trained for a year to take nice care of every child that is why this childcare is the best one in Billings.

  • Location- 2209 Central Ave, Billings, MT 59102, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 406-894-2323

3. Kid Kountry Child Development Center

The Kid Kountry’s mission is to provide a safe and appropriate environment to develop the children for the future. This is the longest established childcare in Billings, which provides the best education along with fun to the children. The nurturing environment develops the children wholly, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and cognitively. That is why this is the best childcare in Billings.

The huge and clean classrooms make feel children happy and enthusiastic because bright classrooms make everyone’s hearts feel smooth and relaxed, similar happens with the tiny tods, they all like the infrastructure of the childcare and feels safe, secure, and healthier in this childcare.

  • Location- 125 25th St W, Billings, MT 59102, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 406-651-0720

4. Bright Little Stars

Here in Bright Little Stars, they ensure to provide a safe, secure, supportive, and stimulating environment to every child. The compassionate and caring teachers are very keen on providing the correct and high-quality education and they provide excellently planned programs for the children. They take special care of special students and make them feel comfortable with all other children, the teachers tell every student to value each other, take care of each other, help each other, and make everyone your friend, and create a happy atmosphere around you.

This is the best preschool in Billings because it provides all good values to the teacher and monthly updates to the children’s parents. The happy atmosphere of the school makes children eager to come the next day and to learn something newer.

  • Location- 2499 Gabel Rd Billings, MT 59102
  • Website-
  • Contact- (406) 969-4270

5. Emmanuel Baptist Church

This is an elementary preschool that not only educates the children but also helps them to grow in spiritual side by giving spiritual knowledge to them. Spiritual knowledge keeps every child’s mind calm and relaxed due to which the grasping power of small children gets improved. The children do work under the teacher’s guidance and explore themselves by experimenting, this contribution of children and teachers makes this preschool one of the best in Billings.

The curriculum made are by following the children deeds and their keen interest in the activities. The teachers also make the after-school session for the children to motivate them and to encourage them with positive quotes. They also ensure that your child will develop confidence in themselves and will become independent.

  • Location- 328 Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT 59106, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 406-652-3161

6. Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool

This school is a Christian based school and Eloquence, wisdom, virtue is the main goal of this preschool. They all know that good quality education is first priority of everyone also more than basic skills. The beautifully designed classrooms attract the children and the full support of the staff makes the children feel happy and secure.

The mission of the school is to make parents proud on their children as the school giver regular monthly information and achievements of the children to their parent. The curriculum made in this school is the best one in Billings and full support is given to the children by giving them full attention and helping the children in doing all good and new things.

  • Location- 2336 St Johns Ave, Billings, MT 59102, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 406-656-2635

7. American Lutheran Church

This kindergarten starts the day with morning assembly and prayer to make every child feel fresh and then welcome all children in their warm and nurturing environment. The teachers of this kindergarten are well trained and are certified, they ensure that after sending your child to this kindergarten your child is in safe and secure hands, so you don’t have to worry about them.

This is the best kindergarten in Billings because the support and guidance of the teachers make children feel special and happy, healthy living keeps your child happy and they always remain happy in this kindergarten the time they use to spend in this kindergarten. The new friends and new activities keep the children enthusiastic and eager to again come the next day in this kindergarten.

  • Location- 5 Lewis Ave, Billings, MT 59101, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 406-252-4171

8. Best Beginnings Preschool

This school curriculum is based on the monthly theme to keep children fresh and happy. The early education provided are all best and creative one, also the teachers teach the student with fun so that children should remember it for a long time and even throughout the future. The happy and cheerful faces of teacher and children make a good bonding between them through which they all get self-confidence and becomes independent.

The curriculum is made by investigating every child and is made for different aged group children so that every child can learn it properly and feel secure in the preschool. This preschool is the best in Billings because healthy teaching along with fun makes children feel safe and helps them to remember forever.

  • Location-  2026 Colton Blvd, Billings, MT 59102, United States
  • Website-
  • Contact- +1 406-259-0099

These were the best preschools and childcare in Billings for your tiny tods, they ensure to provide you and your child the best support and help, also each of them has special properties of their KinderCare and all are very keen on providing the best quality early education to the children.

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