Best Preschool And Childcare in Queenstown (Singapore)

It is very difficult for moms and dads to find the best preschool for their young ones. The confusion and complicacy is common. Therefore here we are to provide clarity to every parent and help them to find the best preschool for their little ones. Listed below are some of the best preschools in Queenstown, Singapore.


Best Preschool And Childcare In Queenstown (Singapore)

1. Hundred Thoughts Preschool

The Hundred Thoughts Preschool offers the Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum which provides high quality learning via easy methods and activities. This unique learning approach helps to cover all areas of development, be it mental, emotional or social.

The Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum builds skills and knowledge through:-

  • Outdoor Explorations
  • Character Building
  • Aesthetics and creative art
  • Language and Literacy
  • Fine and gross motor skills development
  • Early numeracy
  • Self and social awareness

Their fun activities include art, music, sculpture-modeling, painting and dramatic play which helps the child explore his/her creativity and imagination.

The curriculum includes Gymnastic classes with proper supervision to enunciated physical activeness in child. To inculcate critical thinking and increased intelligence the preschool also endue coding classes for children aged 3 years and above.

The preschool believe in creating opportunities for children to form late their knowledge and understanding through experiences. The teachers are constantly available to support each and every child.

Every parent’s wish is to see their child’s early childhood and 1st experiences. Therefore, the preschool shares these precious moments with parents via LittleLives app.

The children here are prepared for the world around and are made proficient in every field of education.

  • Location:  456 Alexandra Road, Fragrance Empire Building #04-01, Singapore 119962
  • Contact: +6562550246
  • Website:

2. MindChamps Preschool

The preschool offers learning and enhancement program for children age 18 months to 6 years. It offers bilingual curriculum that holistically covers all aspects of learning.

The preschool works with a unique “SMILES” methodology to ensure whole-child development.

It provides pick up and drop facility with proper safety and care. Along with an outdoor playground the preschool also provides access to eco-pond brimming with common carp and lush greenery of the meadow. These facilities help children connect with environment and understand the importance of nature. The teachers, in spite of previous experience and qualification, undergo a compulsory training and accreditation. This shows that the best of the best teachers who are well-trained are appointed to teach the students. The teachers provide life-time lessons which would help children to build strong foundations.

The five core values associated with the preschool are:

  • Heart
  • Integrity
  • Prosperity
  • Growth
  • Expansion

The preschool sets the curriculum in a way to provide overall mental, physical, social and emotional development to the child.

  • Location:20 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117439
  • Contact: +65 6659 4100
  • Website:

3. Learning Vision Interlocal

The preschool is awarded with Singapore Promising Brand Award in 2004. The award-winning curriculum of the preschool provides better knowledge, experience and understanding to the child. Children of age 2 months to 6 years are taught and trained here.

The well-qualified teachers work hard to build children into life-long learners and critical thinkers encouraging and nurturing them to increase natural curiosity and explore their talents. The friendly environment keeps the joy of learning alive and provides comfortable surroundings to every child.

The main areas of development on which the preschool lays emphasis are:

  • Curriculum development
  • Professional growth and development
  • System development
  • Business development
  • Organization development

The preschool lets the child learn with their own pace and capabilities along with letting them develop their full potential.

  • Location: 100 G Pasir Panjang Road, #01-18, Singapore 118523
  • Contact: +65 6781 0888
  • Website:

4. Little Footprints Preschool

The preschool has 42 branches one of which is located in Queenstown, Singapore. It has acquired Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK). It has been deputed by Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) as an exclusive Partner Operator (POP). The preschool also facilitate infant care. It serves children age 2 months to 6 years.

The preschool is committed to provide quality education to children to help them cop up with the changing world around. It offers both English and Chinese curriculum for extraordinary development of child’s mental, social and communication skills.

For better education and whole-child development the preschool focuses on 4 core values:-

  • Caring
  • Confident
  • Respect
  • Reflective

Every child is unique and every child has the right to growth at his own comfort and ability. Therefore, the teachers here are well-trained to enhance curiosity level and inculcate creativity in each and every child. Teachers and staffs strive hard to create a comfortable and safe environment for every child’s growth.

  • Location: 243 Alexandra Road #02-01, Singapore 159932
  • Contact: +65 3165 0224
  • Website:

5. Alora Preschool childcare and Infant care Center

It is one of the best preschools in Singapore. The preschool is for children age 2 months to 6 years. The children learn, play, gain experience and grow.

The teachers are friendly, caring and supporting who provides proper care and learning to every child. The children are indulged in activities which help them to develop mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Each and every child is exposed to art, music, drawing, painting, dance and many more according to their age.

Talking about food, the preschool is honored with the Healthy Pre-school Platinum Award. A healthy meal is served. The preschool believes that for the proper growth and development a balanced diet is must. Safety and security is prioritized. Emergency care is also facilitated here.

  •  Location: 400 Lengkok Bahru, #01-04 Leng kee Community Centre, Singapore 159049
  • Contact: +65 6250 3807
  • Website:

6. Children’s Cove Preschool

The preschool is well-developed for child’s complete development. It is certified SPARK – accredited by ECDA for their great management, proper learning facility and unique methodology. Their C.O.V.E methodology of teaching provides better understanding skills, learning habits and vast experience with optimism. The C.O.V.E methodology is expanded as:

  • C – Child-centered
  • O – Outcome-aware
  • V – Values-based
  • E – Environmentally-conscious

The curriculum has 3 main objectives:

  • Nurturing curiosity in a child to explore the world
  • Fostering competency in thinking and reasoning skills
  • Encouraging active learning through experience and experimentation

Teachers are building blocks of education who help children to learn, understand and explore.

The preschool believes in parental involvement with children. Therefore, they provide numerous opportunities for active participation of parents along with children. This builds a better parent-child relationship.

It overall helps to develop a good character, kind soul and mentally aware human being.

  • Location: 58 Jin Penjara, Singapore 149382
  • Contact: +65 6655 0077
  • Website:

7. My First Skool

The preschool is among the best preschools of Singapore. It serves children age 6 months to 5 years. It develops a keen “I can do it” determination in children. The preschool has many achievers of various awards such as Outstanding Early Childhood Leader Award, Promising Early Childhood Leader Award and many more.

The preschool believes in inculcating three positive traits in every child:

  • Joy in learning
  • Trying again and again
  • Love for language

They work to develop “Never giving up” attitude in children. The fun and engaging activities delivered through holistic curriculum makes the children competent and resilient.

The children are tilted towards culture, tradition and language. The music, dance and art develop cultural knowledge in children. Cultural and traditional events are organized which provide opportunities to children to develop values, kindness and various skills in them.

Outdoor games are encouraged like jumping over hurdles, balancing on beams and other such activities. These help in fine and gross motor development in children.

The preschoolers here are exposed to variety of materials and equipments for children to gain new experiences and increase curiosity.

  • Location: Strathmore Ave, #01-138 Block 82, Singapore 141082
  • Contact: +65 6509 7887
  • Website:

8. Little Paddington Preschool

The preschool is open to all 2 months to 7 years old children. Their award-winning curriculum supports fulfillment of three purposes – Imagine, Enquire, and Engage.

The children are not just traditionally trained within classrooms but are exposed to various workshops such as:

  • Science workshop
  • United nations workshop
  • Art workshop
  • Chinese immersion program

The preschool also promotes Chinese language among the children through well-educated and trained Chinese language experts. Children are engaged in all types of mental, creative and physical activities such as – art, music, dramatic play, math and many more.

Children are indulged in such activities which require use of full potential and strength to prepare them for future obstacles.

  • Location: 314 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park, #01-17, Singapore 247977
  • Contact: +65 9720 7679
  • Website:

A best preschool is must for child’s early learning and development. Therefore, these are some of the best preschools of Singapore where the young one can learn better. All these preschools provides the best early education and focuses on wholesome development of child.

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