Best Preschool and Childcare in Aurora (USA)

Are you searching for the best preschool and childcare in Aurora then you are at the right place because here is a list of the few best preschools and childcare in Aurora which will provide you with the best support and your child the best early education.

Preschool is the early education program that your child should attend before attending school. Finding the right preschool is very hard but we have made that easy for you. So here is the list of preschools that provides quality education and care for your children in Aurora(USA):


Best Preschool and Childcare in Aurora (USA)

1. Primrose School of Tallgrass

Started in 1982 the “Primrose School of Tallgrass”, which provides primary education and childcare and is a national system of accredited private schools. They have years of experience in this field and have partnered with parents and staff to make a difference in a child’s life. They offer programs to infants, toddlers, early preschool, preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and after school. They have a partnership with “No Kid Hungry” that supports giving healthy food across the united states to help and end childhood hunger, which is a great initiative.

They have a program called balanced learning that helps children to think in many ways with creativity and compassion. They fully support children’s natural curiosity and support each of them while building confidence and problem-solving techniques. They include science & engineering, language & literacy, creative arts, social studies, physical development, math, and social & emotional aspects in their curriculum.

The staffs are very friends and have clean a atmosphere. They have an app that provides daily reports to you and sends pictures of kids if they are up to something. Different activities are arranged where they also include families and the communities. They have a chef who follows a balanced menu plan to provide fresh and healthy snacks.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 766-7859
  • Address- 5950 S Gun Club Rd Aurora, CO 80016

2. La Petite Academy of Aurora

La Petite Academy of Aurora has been providing education for children for years. They always include fun and interactive enrichment programs in their curriculum. They offer their programs to toddlers, preschool, pre-kindergarten, and school-age programs. Due to this pandemic, they have put extra safety protocols to keep children and their families safe. They have amazing staffs who are dedicated to children.

They have a STEM-inspired curriculum that includes the integration of core principles of science, technology, engineering, and math. They encourage innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving that results in a multi-talented kid. They have a themed experience every once or twice a week that includes a variety of activities that includes STEM explorations, scientific discoveries, and young zoologists. Their classrooms provide materials that help in critical thinking and help children to discover more.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (833) 936-2631
  • Address- 17001 E. Iliff Aurora, CO 80013

3. iKid Academy

iKid Academy provides an enriching environment that is full of love, warmth, and a learning experience that is closely monitored and also ensures the safety of little ones. They are on a mission of building future leaders by starting their learning experience at a very young age. They provide the best care and environment of learning to children and encourage natural curiosity and inspire children to learn.

Their curriculum is organized and filled with experienced staff. They provide programs to infants, toddlers, two’s, three’s, and pre-kindergarten. They have a balance of interactive activities with quiet activities, music and movement, climbing, running, jumping, etc. Teachers always incorporate theme-related materials for students to provide individual attention and child engagement. They provide nutritious food which includes fruits and oats. They send pictures of your child every day the facility is very clean and the classrooms are very bright and colorful.

Over here, the curriculum is designed to develop children holistically and develop their skills mentally, socially, emotionally, intellectually, cognitively, coordinatively, and interactively. All these are the main skills that everyone should have nowadays, so keeping this in mind, they help children to think more and more about new things, tell them to share their ideas about anything, start the conversation with each other which will improve the speaking skills and they support children in all the ways.

They generally have scheduled time for snacks but if a child is feeling hungry they provide that child the snacks earlier by the scheduled time as if one child will get irritated so he/she will not able to grasp the teachings and for this, only the teachers are always there that a child should be happy and nothing matters. This is also the best childcare in Aurora.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 680-4543
  • Address- 16992 E Quincy Ave Aurora, CO 80015

4. Cadence Academy Preschool

Located in Smoky Hill Cadence Academy preschool provides unlimited possibilities to children for their bright future. They have a skill-based curriculum that has proven to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond that include a unique skill-based approach that builds skills in nine subjects every month. They modify activities from their curriculum that matches the interests and needs of each student and ensure a fun and engaging educational experience.

This preschool has a homelike environment that helps to reduce tension and helps to feel at home. Pillows, fabrics, carpets, and soft lighting are used to create nurturing environment. They provide programs are infant care, toddler care, preschool, pre-K & Kindergarten club, school-age programs, and summer programs. Their summer programs are fun, exciting, and focused on elementary school readiness. Daily communication from teachers is done through an app called kidsReport app.

The preschool is a privates preschool whose main aim is to support children to become all-rounder and self-confident because as we all know, nowadays it is very important to be attentive and confident otherwise people think that we are dumb, so for children, the teachers take proper care from taking inside the classroom teaching them, playing with them, having snacks with them, and leaving them to their parents.

The best curriculum is designed over here by the discussion of teachers and headmistress so that the children get the best ever knowledge and chance of exploring their thinking. They use to create programs which not only consist of fun but also teachings, for example, the teachers have made all children sit together in a group and then tell them to teach children to count and explore, this support and right guidance makes this preschool best in Aurora.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 835-3467
  • Address- 5637 South Himalaya Street Aurora, CO 80015

5. Happy Ladybug

Happy Ladybug provides age-appropriate learning activities and they believe that children learn best when they learn through their own experiences and creative play. They provide an environment that supports physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Main attention is given to literacy development through art, play, dramatic play, and many more.

The teachers here are very kind and dedicated and also take good care of children and their families. Teachers publish monthly lesson plans based on children’s interests. Children are encouraged to work together and socialize. They provide a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. They always encourage parents to get involved in everything. They support organic meals and they use organically grown fruits, vegetable, and grains which has more nutrients including vitamin c, iron, magnesium.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 333-5492
  • Address- 9635 Montview Blvd Aurora, CO 80010

6. Shailee’s Sunbeams

Shailee’s Sunbeams create a welcoming environment for both children and parents. They provide comprehensive child development and family support. They provide programs to infants, toddlers, Jr.Kindergarten, Jr.Preschool, preschool, and pre-k. They have five classes for different ages and they have large classrooms as well as playgrounds with a low child-teacher ratio to provide individual attention to every child. The staffs are very friendly and they show genuine care and love towards children.

They focus on age-appropriate learning activities and provide several fun activities such as singing, coloring, numbers and colors, individual and group activities, and many more. For toddlers, specific attention is given to their small classrooms. Several opportunities are provided throughout the year for parents to participate in their special activities.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 693-1073
  • Address- 4200 S Marguerite Pkwy Aurora, CO 80016

7. OPENair Academy at Stanley

OPENair academy at Stanley provides quality education and inspires children to be confident and to have a passion for their knowledge. They provide a creative environment that helps students to develop an understanding of the world around them. The child tends to feel safe, secure and supported here. They believe that every child is different and unique. They offer both full-time and flexible part-time programs to meet everyone’s needs.

Their school is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach that enhances the daily experiences of children. Classrooms are open which connects to outdoor learning spaces so that it provides a good connection between outdoor and indoor learning with natural lights, classroom space, and natural materials. Their goal is to let children explore the world at their own pace.

  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 366-0962
  • Address- 2501 Dallas St Ste 133 Aurora, CO 80010

8. Kiddie Academy of Lone Tree

This is childcare where children can nurture in a proper and cared environment, they create the best curriculum for the children so that they can live happily in a safe and creative atmosphere. The teachers provide snacks from time to time so that children are energetic and they also scheduled water drinking time after every 25 minutes due to which children will remain hydrated.

The classrooms are big and clean, they have individual classrooms for playing and studying which doesn’t create a mess at that place. The environment created by the teacher is specially designed because they know that everyone has a different capability of learning and grasping things. This is the best childcare in Aurora.

  • Location- 10344 Park Meadows Dr Lone Tree, CO 80124
  • Website-
  • Contact- (720) 316-7789

9. First Step Infant and Toddler Center

The childcare is having the best curriculum designed by the teachers which are having all-rounder programs and is made for all the children to suit for each of them because the children are the only building block of this childcare. The teachers use to take care of each and every child individually because for them they are gifts of God.

The environment is nurturing one that is having all types of developmental programs like playing chess which will help developing mental skills, doing paintings and drawings which will help develop concentration, make each and every one the monitor of class for a month that will generate a leadership quality, and many more like this which tries to make children develop holistically.

  • Location- 406 S Chambers Rd Aurora, CO 80017
  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 755-5886

10. Under the Sea Daycare

This is a daycare for tiny toddies to first develop their mental skills and then any other skills because each one of us knows that if a child gets proper attention and guidance from small age he/she will be definitely going to become a great person in their life. These small-small steps for children can one day make them a big developed person in their life.

The teachers are all certified and are trained before giving them the responsibility of children because handling small children is not so easy either it is very difficult because when their mood gets changed or when they start crying or what they want, we cannot exactly get it so easily but the teachers of this daycare easily get to know what actually they want and they ensure each parent that for these ours, their children are the first priority of every child present in the daycare. This is the best daycare in Aurora.

  • Location- 4668 S Adobe Ln Littleton, CO 80127
  • Website-
  • Contact- (720) 485-1140

11. The Goddard School

This preschool is a private preschool in Aurora whose unconditional love and caretake proper care of children and over here your child will never complain to you about anything unusual happen because the whole responsibility is given to the teachers to take each and every care in the preschool premises. This preschool is having scheduled time for lunch in which children use to eat together and learn some caring sharing between each of them.

The classrooms are decorated over here on a monthly basis because the teachers believe the children learn things quickly by playing and not by simple teaching, so teachers try to make study a kind of fun for all of them so that they can enjoy it and can learn more new things with enthusiasm. This is one of the best preschools in Aurora.

  • Location- 4147 Main St Westminster, CO 80031
  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 635-1790

12. Iliff Preschool, Kindergarten, and School

In this preschool, the teachers create a curriculum which is having lots of different activities from which children can nurture and can learn something new always. The teachers of this preschool ensure to provide you and your child the best support by giving them a good early education and by giving their monthly reports to your parents so that you will get to know each and every detail of your child and their growth.

The nurturing environment of this preschool is having all the latest games and toys for the children that help them explore their thinking and experiencing more new things. The more they will play together the more they will learn about friendship, caring, and love, so keeping this in mins the teachers try to include children in playing the group games which will not only be going to develop the feeling of friendship but also will make them develop their thinking and will get to know more about their passion.

  • Location- 4140 E Iliff Ave Denver, CO 80222
  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 757-3551

13. Happy Day Learning Center of Aurora

This daycare is best in providing the curriculums because they have time table based work which is having different types of programs like origami, racing, relay race, paper folding, paper puppet making, and many more like this which makes children more and more energetic and enthusiastic towards learning new things.

This is having the best teachers who have been trained for almost 6 months so they become capable of handling the children. The playing toys are always used to get sensitized after every use so that the children cannot get infected by any small things because they know that small things can also lead to the biggest problems. This makes this daycare the best in Aurora.

  • Location- 15071 E Mississippi Ave Aurora, CO 80012
  • Website-
  • Contact- (303) 337-3838

This was all about the best daycare, childcare, and preschools in Aurora where you will be getting all facilities that as a parent you want for your child. Also given over here are the details through which you can directly contact them and can also book the tour of them.

Every child has different needs and you should find the right school for your child so that they learn everything in a fun and loving environment. So these are the best preschools with a very good rating on the internet. They have a different approach to learning that’s what makes them unique and the best.

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