Best Preschool and Childcare in Reno (USA)

In today’s times, every person is working . Although parents want to spend all of the time with the little kids, practically it is not possible since they have to go to work. As parents it is a matter of their biggest concern as to where to leave their children while they’re away from them. An environment which is warm, comfortable, loving come and will take care of the children as beautifully as they do, take care of their nutritional needs as well as help them grow and evolve is very important.

An environment where the parents can trust that won’t harm their kids anyway, And can be assured that day are having an enriching experience – this environment is made possible only in the preschools and childcares. The schools are these enriching environments which are nationally or state accredited, and are completely dedicated to the nourishment, growth and development of the little kids.

Every preschool & childcare offers a large variety of curriculum, programs, nutritional programs, physical activities and a lot more which take care of the overall development of your child.

If you live in Reno and are concerned about finding a warm and cozy place for your child where they can receive education, love and thrive during their early years, then we have got the best list for you. Here we are listing some of the best preschools and childcares in Reno, USA.

List of the Best Preschools and Childcares in Reno (USA)-


Preschool and Childcare in Reno (USA)

1. Muchkinland Preschool

Munchkinland preschool welcomes you to experience their home like care and affection for your children. They truly believe that no place can be come for as comfortable to a child as their own, therefore they strive to provide the equal love, care, affection and warmth to the children as they would receive on a daily basis from their parents. Individualised care and attention is ensured to each and every child so that no one feels left out and every aspect of the development is taken care of. They provide the best possible curriculum to the children, in a fun way so that they can learn things better.

They are proudly one of the top three preschools in  Reno USA in 2020. The school promotes the implementation of age- appropriate curriculum so that every child gets to learn what is best suited according to their age and interests. Hands- on Sensory experiences, Whole Child development philosophy are practised in the school which enable the children to learn things in a better physical, emotional, social, intellectual style, coupled with cooperative learning, art, group communication skills and many such self- experiencing and basic life skills.

They offer full time as well as part time programmes for children ageing 2 years to five years. Fancy dresses, picnics, play times, life skills like eating by themselves, sitting on little chairs, having group discussions with friends etc are organised on a daily basis.

  • Contact- 775-324-2242
  • Location- 924 Lander St, Reno, NV 89509, United States
  • Website-

2. Crosswalk Preschool

“Where learning and playing go hand in hand”

Crosswalk Preschool provides a very warm and inclusive environment to the children so that they can  have an wholesome learning and growing experience. Every aspect of a Child’s life- physical, academic, mental, emotional and spiritual development is taken care of at the school. The school strives to establish a meaningful relationship between teachers and students as well as with their parents so that their interactions can be fruitful and be of use to the children. Their curriculum aims to inculcate the values of empathy, passion, grace, acceptance, and love for learning into the children so that they can always feed their curiosity and keep learning new things with every passing day.

Their classes include-

  • Twiddlebugs- 2years old
  • Flitterroos- 2-3 years old
  • Skamperdinks- 3-4 years old
  • Doodlehoppers- 4-5 years old

They also offer the following programs-

  • Literacy
  • Music
  • Math
  • Physical Development
  • Science
  • Art

As a part of their curriculum, their activities ignite the curious minds of the children by letting them do various activities by themselves, express themselves, boost their problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

  • Contact- 775-737-9747
  • Location- 3697 Kings Row Suite D, Reno, NV 89503, United States
  • Website-

3. PEMDAS Preschool

“Predict, Explore, Make, Discover, Accomplish, Succeed”

PEMDAS Preschool is an Accommodating and flexible preschool, which allows the children to learn through play. The school is very cosy and not humongous, therefore each child is guaranteed personalised attention and no aspect of any character development is overlooked. If the children are allowed to express themselves freely, have fruitful conversations with the teachers on an one- on- one basis, which maximises their potential of development.

The curriculum is very inclusive of all subjects, extra curriculum activities and physical activities like art, music, alphabet learning, crafts, imaginary play, reading, colour recognition and a lot more. The teacher makes sure that she gives the warmest interaction to every child so that their learning experience becomes something that they love and their time at the school is something that they look forward to everyday, because she believes that little children can’t be forced to learn. They must be nurtured in a way so that they love what they learn.

  • Contact- 760-330-3384
  • Location- 4325 Primavera Ave, Reno, NV 89502, United States
  • Website-

4. Aleph Academy

“Where arts and academics meet”

Aleph Academy is not just a regular preschool, they are inspired by the Reggio approach of Montessori and Early Childhood Education, which gunaturees your child’s overall physical common mental, emotional, cognitive, communicational and academic development. Their curriculum is a very enriching combination of Jewish values, arts and nature.

The children here are taught various activities like gardening, colouring, crafts, cooking and a lot more activities which enrich your Child’s experience in every field of work. The children are given practical examples of learning so that the concepts are embedded in their minds instead of mugging up things. The tender minds are not forced or burdened up with the learning process, they are encouraged to flourish and grow at their own pace.

  • Contact- 775-825-8928
  • Location- 1175 W Moana Ln, Reno, NV 89509, United States
  • Website-

5. Annie & Friends! Preschool

They are home based pre school, who have a beautiful spacious playground for the children, which is secured and allows your children to have a wonderful time in the lap of nature, enjoying the weather and learning various physical and motor skills. Their playtime also allows them to develop an interest in sports. The school accommodates children from the age of three to five years old, providing them quality personalised care and attention. The schools curriculum is based on high scope approach and engages the children in several learning and innovative curriculum activities.

Their curriculum is so intellectually and physically feasible, that the children are themselves interested to participate in the activities. Values of self discipline, concentration, independence, self- worth are embedded into the children, where in each and every child strengths and weaknesses are equally nurtured and taken care of.

  • Contact- 518-932-7020
  • Location- 335 Stonewall Ct, Reno, NV 89511, United States
  • Website-

6. Five Hearts Preschool

The school focuses on the development of the five senses of each and every child. Premium attention is given to the social, emotional, physical, cognitive come on mental and akademik development of the children in this well- developed pre school who allowed the children various hands- on learning activities and extra curriculum activities throughout the day to enhance the learning process. The children are encouraged to do lots of things by themselves under the guidance of the teacher so that they can learn things on their own. Small class sizes ensure personalised attention to every child in various activities on subjects like science, math, art, music, dramatic play, fancy dress, puzzle solving, colour recognition and a lot more.

The school pays special attention to the nutritional growth of the children. They ensure that the meals provided at the school are completely made of natural ingredients, home grown fruits and vegetables, grains which are fresh and mostly local. The children are encouraged to participate in the snack time by helping the teachers too often cut the fruits and vegetables, distribute among friends. These activities inculcate the feeling of sharing as well as independence and responsibility into the children since a very tender age.

  • Contact- 775-240-2446
  • Location- 12710 Thunderbolt Dr, Reno, NV 89511, United States
  • Website-

7. L. Weigand Early Learning Center

They are quality childcare and learning school, accommodating children from the age of six weeks to Pre-K. The teachers strive to work together with the parents and inculcate the values of self- esteem, belonging, confidence, independence and a love for learning into the children. The children here are inspired and encouraged to read comelon, recognise things come up play and involve into various activities throughout the day.

They offer the following programs-

  • Infant Care
  • Toddler Care
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K
  • Teeny Tots Sports

The school also provides two healthy snacks and lunch everyday,  and their meal menus are funded by the US Department of Agriculture which insures their reliability and nutritional values.

  • Contact- 775-322-9030
  • Location- 1270 Foster Dr, Reno, NV 89509, United States
  • Website-

8. Little Bear & University Preschool

This pre school ensures that your children receive the best quality care in a homely as well as school like setting. The small class sizes ensure that the teachers  can focus on each and every child, providing personalised attention and grooming to everyone. They are a trusted pre school and childcare centre for over the last 20 years. The staff and teachers work together to create an Academy clear rich and exciting environment for the children where they can be motivated to learn, group, play, ask questions, discover, participate, thing and engage in the daily activities and curriculum.

Their curriculum includes-

  • Toddler Program (2year olds)
  • Preschool Program (3year olds)
  • Kindergarten Readiness (4-5 year olds)

Physical health, mental health, nutritional growth are some of the most important aspects that are taken care of at the school.

  • Contact- 775-329-7119
  • Location- 826 Ralston St, Reno, NV 89503, United States
  • Website-

Following are some of the best pre schools and childcares in Reno and surrounding areas that can provide the best quality and premium early childhood education and care to your children. Make sure to research about each and every school from the official websites, cheque with your convenience, time schedules and geographical closeness as well as  keep in mind your Child’s benefit as the foremost requirement.

The initial five years of your child has been proven to be the best learning and most crucial ages of their lives, therefore they must be fruitful and wholesome and the time should be spent in an Academically rich and learning environment.

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