Best Preschool and Childcare in Derby (East Midlands, England, UK)

If you’re looking for the top preschools in Derby, you’ve come to the right place. The finest Preschools, Kindergartens, and Childcare Centers in Derby are listed here.

Are you the parents of a new born baby or toddler who is concerned about his or her child’s future development and what he will do? When a kid is in their early years of development, they get to learn a lot of things and improve their talents. But isn’t it more important that we ensure that they grow up in a safe, secure, and healthy environment so that they can be the best they can be in the future? Children’s development is vital, but they should also learn about others and interact with their peers so that they may grow socially.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Preschools and childcare facilities in Derby for your convenience.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Derby (East Midlands, England, UK)

1. Thornhill Day Nursery & Pre-school

The Thornhill Day Nursery and Preschool believe that their nursery is built and designed with a child’s perspective in mind. They believe that their nursery helps children develop in their early years and become confident in their future lives. They think that their nursery offers the greatest educational opportunities in Derby. Children in the nursery are exposed to a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in which to learn and develop their interests.

The Royal Derby Hospital is where the nursery is located. At their nursery, they have a movement learning exercise that helps children learn about subjects they are interested in. They have staff who have been educated to follow the passions of the children who study at their nursery. Their childcare believes that your child’s safety comes first, thus they have CCTV installed in their nursery grounds.

  • Location- 10 Thornhill Rd, Derby DE22 3LX, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 346088
  • Website-

2. Bright Horizons Derby Day Nursery and Preschool

The Bright Horizons Derby Day Nursery and Preschool believes in providing children with a home away from home atmosphere for care and education. The nursery provides a variety of equipment for children to learn and develop. The nursery team believes in giving the finest care and education to all of their nursery children, from babies to preschoolers.

Their nursery offers a ready for school curriculum that teaches children confidence and skills that will benefit them in school and life. Staff at their nursery are trained in first aid to offer safety and security to their youngsters. Ofsted rated the nursery as “Good” for child care and education.

  • Location- David Lloyd Club, Pride Pkwy, Derby DE24 8HY, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 372127
  • Website-

3. Kingfisher Day Nursery – Derby

The Kingfisher Day Nursery is committed to providing excellent child care to children and their families. They believed in providing the greatest care and stimulating atmosphere for their nursery’s children so that they might learn through their interests and grow into confident and independent persons.

The team at their daycare is committed to maximising each child’s potential and developing their natural enthusiasm for learning. They think that the early years of a kid’s development are critical, and they believe that every parent of a child studying at their nursery would enjoy their child care and curriculum design by their team.

  • Location- 38 Chapel St, Spondon, Derby DE21 7JP, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 669686
  • Website-

4. White House Nursery Ltd – Borrowash

The White House Nursery Ltd. was founded in 1987. On the registry for the early years. The nursery strives to satisfy the requirements of children aged 0 to 5 years old by providing child care and education. The nursery is presently serving 110 youngsters. The nursery, with its competent staff, caters to the educational requirements or impairments of the children that attend it.

The nursery contains rooms loaded with equipment needed for children to grow and develop at their nursery by learning with their curiosity. The nursery also offers large outside areas where children may learn and develop via exciting activities.

  • Location- 164 Derby Rd, Spondon, Borrowash, Derby DE72 3HB, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 666414
  • Website-

5. La Petite Academy Ltd

The La Petite Academy was founded in October of 1995. They claim they can give child care to youngsters ranging in age from 3 months to 5 years. The nursery is located in a one-story building in a quiet residential area and is registered for 78 children, but they limit their numbers to 66 children since they believe in providing high-quality child care.

The La Petite Academy is well-known for providing high-quality child care and is highly recommended by many local parents. They also serve nutritious meals to youngsters at their child care facility.

  • Location- La Petite Academy, 10-12 Highfield Rd, Littleover, Derby DE23 1DG, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 774413
  • Website-

6. Shining Stars Nursery

The Shining Stars Nursery is touted as fostering child-friendliness and educating children from their point of view, with the assistance of childcare specialists. With their experienced personnel, the nursery provides a curriculum for toddlers to preschool children.

Their nursery also participates in extracurricular activities to help children develop and encourage them to appreciate learning. They think that extracurricular activities are important not just for children’s development but also for their confidence and independence. Baking and local visits are examples of extracurricular activities. They also serve high-nutritional-value meals at their nursery since they feel that nutritious eating is vital for child development.

  • Location- 22 Cummings St, Derby DE23 6WW, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 293239
  • Website-

7. Ashgate Nursery School

For 40 years, the Ashgate Nursery School has provided child care and services to children and their families. They have highly qualified personnel working at their nursery to give children with best education and childcare.

The nursery is lovely and well-equipped, with an enclosed outside space that provides a stimulating setting for children in their early years. Their nursery is also implementing covid-19 measures such as grouping children and maintaining the same children and staff in those groups, cleaning their nursery daily, minimising local visitors to their nursery, and social distance.

  • Location- 18 Stepping La, Derby DE1 1GJ, United Kingdom
  • Contact- +44 1332 371769
  • Website-

I hope you were able to find the top preschools and child care centres in Derby. Have a wonderful day.

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